Stay up to date with the latest on-campus wellness initiatives for employees at Langara College. Check out our Wellness Classes page for details on the complimentary wellness classes offered to employees each semester. Want to share your ideas for future events and activities? Send us an email at


In a culture where we sit in one posture for hours on end, the muscles in our body tend to tense up. Looking to ease the stress and strain that comes along with a regular workday? The Registered Massage Therapy Certificate Program is offering one-hour massage therapy clinics at a rate of $20 for employees. As a participant, you will receive assessment and treatment from a supervised student in a learning setting. In addition to enjoying the treatment, you will also provide student therapists with an opportunity to hone their skills and build confidence. Please click here to visit the Registered Massage Therapy site and access the clinic schedule.

Please note: All intramurals are currently cancelled due to COVID-19.

Langara employees are invited to participate in weekday intramural activities in the Langara gymnasium, including: badminton, basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball. Want to coordinate a game of ladder golf, bocce, or croquet with your colleagues instead? Complimentary rentals for lawn use are also available. Check out the schedule and offerings on the Intramurals site.

Bicycling is a healthy, inexpensive, environmentally-friendly, and enjoyable commute alternative. Langara is situated near several traffic-calmed bicycle routes; employees can also combine bicycling with transit use. Bike racks are located throughout campus, and a secure bicycle parking cage is located on level P1 of the underground parkade (access card required). Shower facilities are located next to the secure bicycle parking cage, in the gymnasium, and in the basement of Building C (C012 and C013). To obtain an access card for the parking cage, or to learn about the HUB Streetwise Cycling and bike maintenance workshops for employees, contact Raymond Yeung at For help with bicycle route planning or finding a cycle buddy, contact Fulton Tom at

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Looking for alternative sustainable options? Visit the Transportation page for information on carpooling, rideshares transit, and electronic vehicles. 

Please note: on campus dining options are currently limited due to COVID-19.

Chartwells has a variety of artisan sandwiches and smoothies available for purchase. The sandwich bar houses fresh baked bread from Monte Cristo Bakery with a selection of roasted meats, delicious cheese options, and an array of fresh and grilled veggies to top it off. Opting for a smoothie? Select from a wide range of fruits, veggies, juices, and yogurts to suit your tastes buds. Next time you need to buy lunch on campus, consider an alternative to burgers, fries, and a soft drink; make a healthier choice and consider these wholesome menu options. Click here to visit Chartwell's Dine on Campus website.