Langara is proud to maintain external partnerships that promote employee health outside of campus hours.

City of Vancouver

You can receive 25% off your purchase of the City of Vancouver's Flexipass, which gives you access to local pools, ice rinks, and fitness centres. You will need to show a pay stub as proof of your employment when you register. 

DanZa Productions

DanZa Productions offers a 15% discount off a variety of classes such as Zumba, Carribean Rhythms, and Street Jazz. Improve your cardio fitness through Latin-inspired music and rhythms that will keep you energized and coming back for more! The studio recently moved to a new location and is conveniently located just a few minutes drive from campus. Bring your Langara employee ID along to redeem the corporate rate. Click here for more information.


All Langara employees who are 19 or older are eligible for the corporate rate of 10% off at all YMCA of Greater Vancouver locations (Langara, Robert Lee, Tong Louie - Surrey, and Chilliwack).

  • Young Adults (19-35) = $49.62 after tax + joining fee $52.50
  • Adults (36-64) = $59.54 after tax + joining fee $52.50

This discount is applicable to any non-promotional rates. You will need to show a pay stub as proof of your employment when you register. 

Club 16 & She's FIT

In order to establish a corporate rate for Langara College, a total of 8 employees will need to sign up for a membership and/or current members will need to switch to the corporate plan. The perks of a corporate plan will include the following:

  • Waiving of the enrollment fee ($50-$90) upon signing up for a membership
  • For a corporate elite membership pay $16 instead of $20 a month
  • For a corporate elite plus membership pay $20 instead of $25 per month

Contact Haley Kusumoto at 604-536-5552 ext 63 or for more information on this potential offer and to sign up!

Check out Club 16 or She's Fit with a complimentary 3 day pass.

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness is one of the few studios in the world to offer far infrared heating in all their studios situated in various locations in the fraser valley, lower mainland, and greater vancouver area. The following classes are offered in infrared heating: hot yoga, hot yoga/ pilates fusion, boot camp, bar fusion, and fitness classes. Pay $89 per month on an unlimited monthly membership at any of their locations when you purchase a 12 month membership (you will need your paystub for the corporate discount). If you'd like to try a few classes before commiting to a membership, sign up for a one week trial. Visit their website to learn more. 


On an ongoing basis employees are eligible to receive 15% off regular rate packages.

Corporative Rates:

  • First Class $15.00 (+tax)
  • Single Class $24.00 (+tax)

Introductory Special Discounted 5 Rides Pack. Expiration Date: 45 days $70.00 (+tax)

  • 10 Rides Pack Expiration Date: 3 months $195.00 - 15% (+tax)
  • 20 Rides Pack Expiration Date: 6 months $370.00 - 15% (+tax)
  • 30 Rides Pack Expiration Date: 6 months $550.00 - 15% (+tax)
  • 50 Rides Pack Expiration Date: 1 year $888.00 - 15% (+tax)

In order to receive the 15% off, buy a package in person or register your credit card to an account online and email advising the specific package you would like with the Langara corporate rate. You will need to provide or attach your paystub for the first package purchase to be approved with the corporate rate. Class offerings include: TRX Fusion, Power Cycle, Groove Ride, and Go Fondo. Visit their website to learn more. 


The corporate discount plan with Gymbox includes three different options:

1. A discounted monthly membership for $79.99 includes the following features:

  • complementary fitness assessment 1 on 1 with a trainer
  • classes
  • infrared sauna
  • towel services
  • showers with amenities
  • 6 month commitment is required

2. Personal Training Sessions:

  • 3 Sessions at $150 (only with a membership) commitment.
  • 6 Month committment at $299 a month for 4 sessions each month (no membership required).
  • 3 Month committement at $599 a month for 8 sessions each month (no membership required).

Contact Nicki Henry at 604-559-1321 or for more information or to sign up for one or more of these options! Proof of employment (paystub or ID Card) will be required.

Anytime Fitness

Click here for more information. Print a copy of the flyer and show proof of employment to obtain the discount at a participating location near you. (The discount is not guaranteed at every location; however, most clubs will likely honour the discount.

Hot Yoga 101

Any new members to our studio (Hot Yoga 101) will be eligible for the following offers:

  • 2 week unlimited - $39  (regular-$110)
  • 10 classes over 30 days - $49  (regular - $150)
  • 30 classes over 90 days - $189 (regular - $325)

Please visit our website HotYoga101 for more details.


Click here to view the offer from YYoga.


Visit the car2go website and enter the promotion code "RICHMOND1530" for a $15 registration discount and 30 minute driving credit. 

Mobi (Bike Share)

Visit the Mobibikes website and apply the promo code to recieve the discounts offered below.

  • Coporate Standard Plan $99 (save $30)
  • Corporate Plus Plan $119 (save $40) 


Looking for a greener commuting alternative? You can join Zipcar for only $35 and gain access to discounted weekday driving rates. Visit Langara's Zipcar page to learn more and register.

Know of any potential wellness partners? Share your contacts or ideas with us at