Langara College is pleased to announce that starting on May 1, 2018, our campus will be a smoke-free environment. 

This change is part of our ongoing work to create a working and learning environment that promotes the overall health and wellness of our entire community. Our new Smoke-Free Policy will apply to all visitors to campus as well as staff, students and faculty. Smoking and vaping will be prohibited everywhere on campus. 

With this change, Langara joins many other post-secondary institutions and organizations that have recently implemented smoke-free policies. This initiative also aligns with the international Okanagan Charter, a transformative vision for health promotion in universities and colleges. Langara College’s Smoke-Free Committee was formed in 2016 to explore options for regulating smoking on campus.  In the spring of 2017, the Committee conducted a survey of staff and students with the help of Langara College nursing students. The survey found 74% of respondents strongly supported moving to a smoke-free campus. The conclusion of the Committee was that a smoke-free campus, complemented by resources and support, best aligns with our efforts to ensure the health and well-being of our community. 

To access the Smoke-free policy, please click here. The vision behind this policy is to eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke; maintain a cleaner, healthier campus, and provide support for students and employees who are trying to quit.

Smoke-free Committee Members:

The committee, co-chaired by Dawn Palmer, Vice President, People Services and Pat Woods, Instructor, Langara School of Nursing, was created to ensure representation from across the campus. The Smoke-free committee is also supported by the Langara College Term 8 BSN Nursing Students.

Smoke-free Committee Members:
Dawn Palmer
Vice-President, People Services (Chair)
Pat Woods
Instructor, Langara School of Nursing (Co-Chair)
Shannon Eeckhout
Executive Assistant, People Services
Erin Anderson
Communications Officer, Communications & Marketing Services
Steve Daniell
Student Services Assistant, Counselling
Adrian Livesley
Admissions Advisor, Registrar & Enrollment Services
Bri Keene
Administrative Officer, Business Mgmt & International Business
David Aucoin
Manager, Safety, Security & Emergency Management
Deborah Moniuk
Instructor, Modern Languages
Diane Thompson
Department Chair, Library and Information Technology
Dolores Gambroudes
Assistant Department Chair, Modern Languages
Eileen Rawling
Instructor, Biology
Gemma Oropesa
Administrative Assistant, Continuing Studies
Kandey Larden
Instructor, Marketing
Kathleen Emerson
Instructor, Kinesiology
Kathy Hanson
Laboratory Demonstrator, Biology
Khalid Ahmed
International Student Coordinator, International Education
Charlotte Juras
Administrative Assistant, Dean of Student Services
Term 8 BSN Nursing Students
Rhea Silvestri (Phase 1: January to April 2017)
Term 8 BSN Student
Brianna Dierks (Phase 1: January to April 2017)
Term 8 BSN Student
Cindy Do (Phase 1: January to April 2017)
Term 8 BSN Student
Willis Lee (Phase 1: January to April 2017)
Term 8 BSN Student
Helen Thuong (Phase 2: May to July 2017)
Term 8 BSN Student
Sukhy Sumra (Phase 2: May to July 2017)
Term 8 BSN Student

The catalysts for this initiative are:

  1. An increase in second hand smoke on campus;
  2. The Okanagan Charter; An international charter for promoting health in Universities and Colleges. Specifically, Action 1: Embed health into all aspects of campus culture, across the administration, operations and academic mandates
  3. The September 1st, 2016 Tobacco and Vapor Products Control Act, which prohibits the use of tobacco or vapor products inside enclosed public or work places or within 6 meters of doorways, air intakes and windows open to any substantially enclosed public or work place.

Phase 1 - Survey

As part of its ongoing commitment to promote the health and well-being of the community, Langara students, faculty, and staff were invited to participate in a campus-wide survey from February 27 to March 10. The responses were kept strictly confidential and helped form part of the preliminary data which will assist us to better understand the effects of smoking on campus. 

The Langara College Nursing Students (Phase 1) presented the preliminary results of the Smoke-free Campus Survey at the Scholarship Café Event on March 30, 2017.

Phase 2

In Phase 2 of the Project, Langara College Nursing Students will conduct an in-depth qualitative data analysis of the Smoke-free Campus Survey responses, as well as develop an evidence-based recommendation for the Smoke-free Campus policy and procedure.

The Smoke-free committee is proud to have taken the first steps toward developing a policy, guidelines and procedures, and establishing best practices for implementing a smoke-free environment.


1. What will happen to people smoking on campus after May 1, 2018?

a. We expect that everyone in our community will follow this new policy as it is intended to be a positive step towards a healthier campus. All members of the Langara community are welcome to respectfully inform or remind others about the smoke free policy.

2. Where can smokers go to smoke after May 1?

a. Smoking and vaping are prohibited everywhere on campus, including private vehicles on the premises.  The City of Vancouver Health By-Law No. 9535 2.2(d) prohibits smoking in an enclosed, or partly enclosed shelter where people wait to board a vehicle for hire or public transit.  Additionally, the City of Vancouver Park Board Smoking Regulation By-Law prohibits smoking in Vancouver parks and park areas including public golf courses.

3. How will I be able to smoke between classes/while working if there is nowhere I can smoke on campus?

a. We acknowledge this initiative will impact some individuals and we encourage you to seek medical advice to help manage nicotine cravings during class and working hours.  For more information, please contact Health Services or refer to our Resources section.

4. As a neighbour of the college, I’m concerned this change may result in more smokers on my property.  What steps are you taking to prevent this?

a. Langara College will monitor, through our facilities department, any litter that may be caused by this policy initiative. We are hopeful our community will be respectful of our neighbours.

5. What services can I access to help me smoke less or quit smoking?

a. Staff and students can access the BC Smoking Cessation Program.  The program is available to residents of BC who hold a social insurance number (SIN) and have registered in PharmaCare.  The program provides either nicotine replacement therapy products or prescription smoking cessation drugs.  The program can be accessed only once/year.

6. What about marijuana?

a. Smoking or vaping of tobacco or cannabis products is prohibited on campus.

7. What about ceremonial tobacco use?

a. The exemption to this policy is the ceremonial use of tobacco for a traditional indigenous cultural activity that is in accordance with Musqueam protocol.

8. What tobacco or marijuana or vaping products are prohibited by this policy?

a. Cigarette, e-cigarette, cigar, pipe, hookah or water pipe, and all forms of smokeless tobacco, marijuana.

9. Does this violate my Human Rights?

a. No, Langara College Smoke Free Policy prohibits smoking on College property, it does not restrict members of the College Community from smoking elsewhere. Smoking is not a characteristic protected by the BC Human Rights Code.

10. Who do I contact with any questions or concerns?

a. Please email for more information about this policy or to have any questions answered.

11. How was this policy created? Does it have support from the Langara community?

a. The Smoke Free Committee, with the help of the Langara College Nursing students, made evidence-informed recommendations for policy development, based on survey data and in consideration of changing societal norms regarding smoking.  The Smoke Free Committee surveyed students and employees in February/March 2017 and the results showed that 74% of respondents strongly supported moving to a smoke free campus.

12. How will the College support individuals who wish to reduce or stop their smoking?

a. Langara College will provide a list of resources to assist in smoking cessation. In addition, employees can contact the Employee and Family Assistance Program to obtain additional information on smoking cessation.

13. What is the timeline for this change?

a. The smoking hut will be removed on April 28, 2018. The policy takes effect May 1, 2018.

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