Wellness Promotion Committee

Our mission is to promote a culture of employee wellness by providing education, resources, and opportunities for employees to participate in wellness-enhancing activities, both on- and off-campus. We aim to empower employees to adopt habits and behaviours that contribute not only to their personal well-being but also support the diverse, collegial community at Langara College. 

Wellness ChampionsDepartment
Nav Dhaliwal (Co-Chair) Human Resources
Linda Turner (Co-Chair)  Continuing Studies
Dawn Palmer (Senior Leadership Rep) People Services (HR, Payroll & Benefits) 
Annie Jensen Library
Claire Talbot Health Services
Melia Fernandez Student Services
Reba Noel Student Development Centre
Brent Day Kinesiology
Simer Basi Langara School of Nursing
Susan Kensett Health Services
Steve Daniell Counselling
Tim Charters Counselling

Community Partners

We wouldn't be able to offer such great initiatives without continued support from local organizations. If you know of a company or organization who would be interested in partnering with us, please feel free to contact us at wellness@langara.ca.

Existing Partners:
Past Partners: