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Tax Slips and Deductions

Langara Payroll deducts taxes according to the legislative requirements provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You can read the CRA's Calculating Deductions page to see what is considered "taxable."

When starting employment with Langara, you are required to submit Federal and Provincial Tax Credits Return forms. These forms act as your basic claim amount during your time as an employee with the College. If you would like to reduce or increase your tax rates, you will need to review and resubmit these forms each year. The forms are available in Workday. Note that Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) deductions are mandatory on employment earnings.

Each year, you are required to submit a Statement of Remuneration Paid (T4) as part of your income tax return. 

For more information on handling your tax returns, visit the CRA website.

  • Where do I access my T4?

2020 T4s are now available on Workday

Current employees can access their 2020 year T4 in Workday. Click here to view the guide for step by step assistance on accessing your T4 in Workday.

Previous employees of Langara College (those who are no longer current employees but worked at the college during the 2020 calendar year) can access their T4s through Workday if they set up their access/account upon their employment ending (instructions sent via email after last day of work).

If previous employees are unable to log in to Workday or reset their password themselves, they can request their T4 be mailed to them by using the T4 Request Form.

2019 and older T4s are available on the old platform: mylangara

1. Log on to the old mylangara platform.

2. Click on the Employee Main Menu link in the Online Self Service box on the Home tab.

3. Click on the Slips for Income Tax Return link.

4. Select the year and then click on T4-Statement of Remuneration Paid link

5. If you would like a paper copy, click "Printable Version." You can print as many copies as needed.

  • Why do I have two T4 Slips?

If you receive two T4 slips, your earnings at the College fall into different Employment Insurance categories. Each category requires a separate T4. Please be sure to file both copies with your tax return.

  • What is box 40 On my T4?

Box 40 On your T4 is the amount of taxable benefits that you have received. Taxable benefits are those benefits that have been paid by Langara College on your behalf. Examples of taxable benefits include Medical Services Plan, Basic Group Life (Sun Life), AD&D and Parking

  • Why does my income in Box 14 seem high?

Box 14 includes your gross salary as well as all applicable taxable benefits that are shown in BOX40.

  • Why does my income in Box 14 on my T4 seem low?

You may have received more than one T4. The amount shown in Box 14 in each T4 should be totaled and equal to your total gross salary for the year.