Please refer to Collective Agreement Article 23.4



Article   To qualify for educational leave, a faculty member must hold a regular appointment and must have completed five (5) years of full-time equivalent service with the College.

  • In order to be granted long-term leave of more than six (6) months to one (1) calendar year, a regular faculty member must be on a continuing contract or on an additional three-year regular contract.
  • In order to be granted short-term leave of eleven (11) working days to six (6) months, a regular faculty member must have served two (2) consecutive years with the College immediately preceding the commencement date of the leave. 

Article   A faculty member shall not be eligible to be granted educational leave of more than a cumulative total of thirty-six (36) months as a faculty member. 

Article   Educational leave shall normally be of six (6) months' duration, or twelve (12) months' duration.  Each six-month block of leave shall include five (5) months of duty time and twenty-two (22) days of vacation as defined in 8.1 of the Collective Agreement. 

Service Requirements:

Article 23.4   Following the return from education leave, the regular faculty member undertakes to remain in the service of the College at their pre-leave ongoing workload level for a minimum of

  • three (3) years for long-term leave of more than six (6) months to one (1) calendar year
  • one (1) year for short-term leave of eleven (11) working days to six (6) months

Should this service to the College not be completed, the faculty member shall refund the amount paid by the College to the faculty member during such leave on a pro rata basis. 

Article   The faculty member within one (1) month of return to duty must submit to the President or delegate satisfactory evidence of having carried out the purpose for which the leave was granted.  In the event of failing to do so, the faculty member shall refund the amount paid by the College during such leave. 

Article   On returning from education leave, the faculty member shall report on activities undertaken during the leave and submit to the President or delegate a statement of remunerations as set down in

The following table lists your entitlements and benefits during the period of your leave:



80% of salary and allowances


Continues to accrue

Sick Leave

Continues to accrue


Continues to accumulate


Continues to accumulate

Continuation of Benefits* (Please see the note below)

Extended Health

College paid


College paid

Group Life Insurance, AD&D

College paid

Short-Term Disability (STD)

College paid

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

Employee paid (Optional for up to 12 months)

College Pension Plan

Pension contributions are proportionate to the salary received for the duration of this leave. Employees who wish to purchase service for the unpaid portion of the leave will be responsible for both the employer and employee contributions. Service may be purchased within 5 years of the end of the leave period or within 30 days of terminating employment, whichever is earlier.

Parking Pass

To cancel your parking pass, please log in to your Workday account and update your parking election. Please click here for instructions available on our Workday Training site. Your parking pass will be deactivated at the end of the month.

*Note: Continuation of benefit coverage and premiums are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract with the plan sponsor (i.e. Pacific Blue Cross, Sun Life) and are subject to change.