Please refer to LEAP Policy and Employment Standards Act (ESA)


An employee must request pregnancy and parental leave in writing and provide a doctor's certificate stating the estimated date of birth or a certificate stating the date of adoption.

Additional Leave Request:

An employee may apply for additional leave of up to six (6) months as Personal Leave of Absence.  A personal leave of absence immediately following a pregnancy and parental leave does not affect your eligibility for future short or long term leave under LEAP Policy on Leave of Absence without Pay sections 3.1 and 3.2.

Return to Work:

Regardless of the commencement date of a pregnancy leave, it shall not end earlier than six weeks following the actual date of birth, unless a shorter period is specifically requested and medically approved.  A return to work prior to the expiration of a pregnancy and parental leave, will require that at least four months’ notice, in writing, be given to the Program Manager.  

The following table lists your entitlements and benefits during the period of your leave:


Birth Mother

Birth Father / Spouse / Adopting Parent


Unpaid up to 52 consecutive weeks

Unpaid up to 37 consecutive weeks commencing within 52 weeks of birth or possession of the child


Continues to accrue/accumulate to a maximum of 52 consecutive weeks

Continues to accrue/accumulate to a maximum of 37 consecutive weeks

Sick Leave


Continuation of Benefits* (please see the note below) If you wish to continue benefits, all benefits are mandatory to elect.

Extended Health

College paid


College paid

Group Life Insurance, AD&D

College paid

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

Employee paid 

College Pension Plan

Pension contributions do not continue for the duration of this leave. Employees wishing to purchase service will be responsible for the employee contributions (based upon their last complete month of salary) and the College will contribute the employer portion. Service may be purchased within 5 years of the end of the leave period or within 30 days of terminating employment, whichever is earlier.

Parking Pass

To cancel your parking pass, please log in to your Workday account and update your parking election. Please click here for instructions available on our Workday Training site. Your parking pass will be deactivated at the end of the month.

*Note: Continuation of benefit coverage and premiums are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract with the plan sponsor (i.e. Pacific Blue Cross, Sun Life) and are subject to change.