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Workplace Injury Reporting

The College is obligated to report all work-related injuries to WorkSafeBC within three (3) days of its occurrence. If a work-related injury occurs, please contact First Aid Attendants at 604.323.4444, obtain First Aid treatment from Health Services, or seek medical attention from your physician/medical professional. Regardless of the severity, it is important to report all work-related injuries to your manager/supervisor.

Additional resources:

If you have any further questions relating to the reporting process, please contact Human Resources.

Duty to Accommodate

The College is committed to upholding the legal requirement to accommodate under human rights laws. Where a barrier exists, or a policy or practice has adverse consequences on an individual in a protected group, the College is obligated to reasonably accommodate that individual's difference, provided it can do so without incurring undue hardship. Should an employee in your area require accommodation, contact your HR Consultant for assistance with handling the process.


Visit the Scent Awareness page to learn about Langara's Scent and Odour Free Environment Guideline, including FAQs and materials for distribution. E-Bike Parking and Service Dog Guidelines are available on the Other Guidelines page.