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Welcome to Langara College! Thanks for choosing to be a part of our team. Starting a new position is exciting but can be challenging. We hope the following information will answer some of your questions and help you settle in as we work together to enable student success. 

Orientation is a great opportunity to meet other new employees and get to know some of the friendly faces in key departments including the College's senior leadership team. You will receive an invitation to the event. 

  • Activate your Workday Account by following the setup instructions.
  • Accept your job offer in Workday.
  • Complete the Onboarding Tasks in Workday prior to your first day. Some of these tasks include entering your personal information, uploading your government-issued ID, and inputting your banking information. See our Onboarding Job Aid for more information on how to get started.
  • Get connected with your supervisor who can provide you with information about your first day. They should be reaching out to you, but feel free to contact them if you have any questions prior to starting with us.
  • Get to know us by reviewing information about Langara and what our Campus has to offer. New leaders are encouraged to review the Leaders’ Toolkit for orientation to the new role.
  • Find us using our Campus Maps page for detailed maps and floor plans. Learn about your transportation option on the Parking & Transportation page.
  • Find resources available to you on our People and Culture page like who to contact, pay calendars and benefits information.
  • Health & Safety Training: Before the first time accessing campus, all employees are required to complete the Health & Safety COVID-19 Awareness course and quiz, and must achieve 100% on the quiz (the quiz can be taken more than once). Please login to Brightspace to access the course and quiz. Note: even if you are working from home, you are still encouraged to take the Health & Safety course for COVID-19 safety awareness.  
  • Meet your supervisor or your designated “welcome partner” when you arrive on your first day. They’ll be able to:
    • Introduce you to your team
    • Provide you with a tour of the office space and key areas on campus
    • Help ensure you have the access and tools you need to get started
  • Review your Onboarding and Orientation plan with your supervisor and discuss:
    • The duties, responsibilities and performance expectations of your new role
    • Your probationary period
    • What the office culture is like
    • Work schedule and break times
    • How to request and report leaves and time off
    • Pay and benefits questions
    • Your schedule over the coming weeks that will help orient you to your role and meet your colleagues
  • Feel free to ask questions!
  • Finish any outstanding onboarding tasks
  • Continue your orientation to your role and meetings as scheduled.
  • Learn more about:
    • Department policies and procedures
    • College Policies – we encourage you to become familiar with all policies, especially those that are relevant to your work environment and type of work.
    • Our Strategic Plan and the Vision, Mission and Values that drive it
    • Your employee group and respective benefits information
    • Employee Culture
    • Workday and review training resources on how to:
      • Update information (personal information, emergency contact, benefits)
      • Read your pay statement
      • Enter time
      • Review leave balances and submit requests for time off or leave
      • Review your benefits information
      • Requesting support
    • How to stay connected through myLangara and the Langara Post
    • Check in with your supervisor. Tell them how it’s going and don’t be shy – ask lots of questions!
  • Continue your orientation to your role and meetings as scheduled.
  • Attend mandatory In-person Orientation hosted by People and Culture. When you start, you’ll be invited to the next new employee orientation where you’ll learn about Langara’s rich history, meet your colleagues and find about more about benefits and services. You’ll also complete Respectful Workplace training.
  • Complete required training as arranged.
  • Sign up for professional development opportunities and wellness programs that you might be interested in.
  • Check in with your supervisor on a weekly basis. Tell them how it’s going and keep asking those great questions!
  • Continue your orientation to your role and meetings as scheduled.
  • Participate in your formal performance appraisal/evaluation process.
  • Check in with your supervisor on a regular basis. Tell them how it’s going and remember to ask questions!
  • Identify areas where you think you might need more training and talk to your supervisor.
  • Attend campus events as they come up and show your support!
  • Tell us how we did. Speak with your supervisor about what worked and what didn’t during your onboarding process. What could we have done better to support your transition?

What’s next?

It doesn’t just end there. We want to support your development as you grow your career. Continue to check in with your supervisor, look for opportunities to develop and ask how we can help you reach your goals as you help us reach ours.

myLangara has many employee resources, including: 

  • Employee FAQs 
  • Faculty / Instructor FAQs 
  • Campus access procedures 
  • Remote working guidelines 
  • Health & Well-Being resources 
  • Archive of previous Langara Announcements on Moving Ahead: COVID-19 page 
  • Other internal resources, tips, and tools 

Langara Post announces operational updates and leadership news, including: 

  • Academic and operational updates 
  • Staffing changes 
  • Virtual workshops and events for employees 

COVID-19 Updates public website lists current information for prospective and current students, including: 

  • Archive of all announcements sent to students 
  • Hours of operation for available services
  • Mental health resources 
  • Social media updates frequently posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter 

IT Knowledgebase and Service Desk 

TCDC and EdTech’s resources and workshops


Virtual Learning Support Services