Following the sucess of the Faculty Leadership Development Program, the Management Leadership Development Program was launched for non-faculty leaders. In Summer 2018 a Working Group was established, to support and direct this in-house program (which is comprised of three phases):

Phase 1 

Phase 1 of the Leadership Development Program took place on Tuesday, October 30th with a total of 80 participants in attendance including Registrants, Subject Matter Experts (SME), Presenters and members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The purpose of this all day event was to orient leaders (new, current and aspiring) to leadership and management competencies and to provide connections that would prove useful in leadership roles. The day started off with breakfast where participants could interact with the leaders of the College, SLT. This informal dialogue period was followed by two presentations, first a portfolio overview by each of the SLT members, second a presentation by Nic Tsangarkis from Kwela Leadership on the "Importance of Leadership". These formal presentations were followed by subject specific break out sessions in the following areas:

  • Academic Leadership
  • Finance
  • Facilities
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources

The event concluded with a Q&A panel discussion with existing leaders that provided insight into leadership within their roles.

If you were unable to attend either the whole day or part of the day, or would just like a recap of the information shared, please see the Resources section below.

Phase 2

Roundtable Sessions - consisted of an information sharing component, with more facilitiated dialogue and discussion amongst participants. Sessions took place from Monday, December 3rd to Friday, December 7th from 9:00am - 10:30am each day as outlined below. 

-Monday - Things that can go wrong (assessing and managing risk) in your department and the College

-Tuesday - Confidentiality and Records

-Wednesday - Student Services - The Life Cycle of a Student

-Thursday - Information Technology

-Friday - Human Resources

Phase 3

These advanced sessions were for those interested in Organizational Change Management (OCM) and improving adoption. All projects within an organization, whether designing business processes, implementing new tools or moving to a new building involve change. Planning to manage stakeholder reaction to these changes helps ensure successful project completion and return on investment. During this interactive sessions participants reviewed change management concepts, processes, demystified change management and outlined key points for integrating change management throughout the lifecycle of a project. The following sessions took place from Tuesday, June 4th to Tuesday, June 25th: 

  • How to Score when the Goal Posts Keep Moving: Dealing with Change
  • Crucial Conversations: Don't Bite Your Tongue
  • Dispute Resolution Skills: Turning Conflict into Opportunity 
  • Change Management - Leading Organizations through Growth


Presentations - Phase 1