This page offers purchasing related resources that may be helpful for College personnel to understand the College's purchasing policies and process. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Links page for more information.


1. How do I get business cards?

You can order business cards through Purchasing. Please fill out this form (note: you will need to log into myLangara) and submit this in your Workday requisition. If you are re-ordering new cards, please attach a copy of your old card to the requisition. A proof will be sent to you before placing the order.

Note: the lead time for business cards is up to 2 weeks. Please take that into consideration when ordering.

2. Where can I get office supplies?

The College mailroom carries a variety of general office supplies that can help you get started. You can get the list from the mailroom and request them from our mailroom clerk.

If you need other supplies you can order them from our contracted office supplier- Staples Advantage on We receive competitive contract pricing from Staples Advantage and it is only accessible by College personnel. Please contact Purchasing Assistants for a login to view the catalogue online. Orders can be placed through Purchasing with a requisition.

Note: Staples Advantage is a separate entity from Staples retail. Please use the online catalogue on, not the Staples retail site.

3. What can I order on

You can order most general office supplies that you or your department needs. However, items you cannot order through eway include but not limited to: furniture, electronic devices that carries voltage (i.e. microwave), computer related hardware/software, and food. If you are not sure, feel free to contact Purchasing Assistants.

4. Can I get new furniture for my office?

Any furniture requests have to go through the Facilities Department first for technical approval and ergonomic assessment.

5. What is Technical Approval Authority?

Some purchases require technical approval from other departments. (most notably computers, software, and peripherals) Please refer to C3001-5 under Purchasing Directives for the list of Technical Authorities

6. Do I have to fill out a requisition for every expense?

Expenses related to the following activities do not require a Purchase Order: Travel and conference expenses, hosting and meetings, utilities, and memberships.

7. How do I return something?

If you need to return an item you had purchased, please contact Buyers in the Purchasing department directly for further instructions.

8. How do I get Purchase Cards?

Purchase Cards are available to all departments. An application form is available through the Langara login page, College Forms, Financial Services Forms, Purchasing Department, Request for Commercial Card. If you have any questions about the Purchase Card program please contact Fred Howie.

9. How do I plan for large-dollar amount purchase?

We strongly encourage that you plan projects that require lead time and use of competitive bidding method. You should contact Purchasing early on once the need is identified and we can provide you with the best procurement plan to obtain best value. Generally we find that the competitive process will result in the desired quality at lower cost.

10. What is a Blanket PO? When do I need one?

A blanket purchase order is an annual open purchase order that lets you make on-the-spot purchases directly with the vendor. It is for users who need to make repetitive, continuous purchases from the same vendor up to the dollar amount indicated on the Blanket PO. If you are interested in setting up a Blanket Order with a vendor, please contact Purchasing for more information.