The intent of the purchase cards is to facilitate low dollar value purchases and reduce administrative burden. Purchases must be made in a manner consistent with the Langara Purchasing Policy C3001. Additionally the use of the purchasing cards is governed by the directives and in particular directive C3001-6.



The billing cycle ends on the 15th of the month. Card transactions must be reviewed and approved by the last day of the month.

For instructions on how to access and use the online tool for reviewing and approving your card expense report, click on the appropriate hyperlink below:

1. Logging in for the first time

2. Forgotten, Unlocking or resetting passwords

3. Completing Expense reports for Cardholders

4. Instructions for Approvers


Problem Resolution

Should you have a problem with the use of the online tool or your purchase card, contact

Reporting Lost, Stolen, or Compromised Cards

Should your card be lost or stolen, or unauthorised transactions appear on your card, contact Scotiabank immediately at the following numbers:

In Canada or the US, call: 1.888.823.9657

Outside Canada or the US, call: 1.416.750.6138