Jason Madar Coordinator

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2426
Office: B019o
Email: jmadar@langara.ca

Chair: Computer Science and Information Systems 
Coordinator: Web, Mobile App Design, and Development

Alireza Osareh Assistant Chair

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2125
Email: aosareh@langara.ca

Assistant Chair - Students

Joe Huang Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5205
Office: B019p
Email: jhuang@langara.ca

Assistant Chair - Faculty

Michael Jon Burrell Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511
Office: A383
Email: mburrell@langara.ca

Mingwu Chen Workday Job

Phone: 604.323.5819
Office: B019k
Email: mwchen@langara.ca

Stephen Chiong Workday Job

Phone: 604.323.5711
Office: B019r
Email: schiong@langara.ca

Areas of Interest

  • Software/Web/Mobile Development
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Management and Analytics

Hossein Darbandi Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5856
Office: B019n
Email: hdarbandi@langara.ca


  • PhD in computer vision from UBC in 2010.
  • M.ASc in automatic speech recognition and speech analysis from UBC in 2002
  • B.Sc in computer science from UBC in 1999.
  • B.ASc in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology of Tehran in 1988.

Areas of Interest

  • Three-dimensional object recognition and object classification
  • Image analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Speech analysis and automatic speech recognition
  • Robotics

My instructional site

Bijan Farrahi Instructor

Office: B019g
Email: bfarrahi@langara.ca

Academic Degrees

  1. Mathematics - Ph.D in Mathematics (Geometry), Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany, Summer 1974,
  2. Computer Science - M.Math in Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Fall 1983,
  3. Mathematics - M.Math in Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Spring 1971,
  4. Mathematics - B.Math in Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Spring  1970.
  5. Bachelor of Education – B.Ed, University of Ottawa, Spring 1991.


  • Feb 1993 –  March 1999
    • Member of  software design teams, Nortel Networks  – TDMA Wireless radio,  OC-12 and OC-192 Fiber Optics.
  • Dec 1991 – Jan 1993
    • Member of  software design teams at GeoVision Canada and Theratronics Canada  – GIS and Scientific Software.
  • March 1983 – Sept 1990
    • Member of scientific staff at Bell  Northern Research (BNR) in Ottawa – Telecommunications,
    • Logic Programming, File Systems, and CAD/CAM.

My Bio

Bryan Green Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5736
Office: B019h
Email: bgreen@langara.ca

Hengameh Hamavand Instructor

Office: B019i
Email: hhamavand@langara.ca


  • M.Math in Computer Science, University of Waterloo
  • B.Math in Computer Science, Arya-Mehr University of Technology (i.e. Sharif University)

Industry Experience:

  • Software Development Manager (Nortel Networks):

Led groups of up to 12 designers building and maintaining projects like Network Management
and provisioning systems.

  • System Architect (Nortel Networks):

Part of a design team working on projects like:

Operation and Administration of the Broadband Access Network

Off-board database for DMS switches

  • Member of Scientific Staff (Nortel / BNR):

Designed, implemented and maintained many telephony features (e.g. name and number display, Call Forward)
and some DMS database features

Teaching Experience:

Langara college. January 2001 - present. Taught a variety of courses including program design,
Unix/Linux. and Software Engineering.

Areas of Interest:

Software and programming language design
Database design
User Interface design
Web development


Jeremy Hilliker Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2421
Office: B019j
Email: jhilliker@langara.ca

Hazra Imran Workday Job

Phone: 604.323.5511
Office: B019m
Email: himran@langara.ca

Nikhil Karkera Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511
Office: B019k
Email: nkarkera@langara.ca

Mahdad Khatirinejad Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2301
Office: B153b
Email: mkhatirinejad@langara.ca

Brian Koehler Board Member

Phone: 604.323.5822
Office: C222
Email: bkoehler@langara.ca

Areas of Interest 

Web Development, Programming Languages, Compilers, Geomatics, Cloud Computing, Security, Cryptography


  • B.Math. (Computer Science) University of Waterloo
  • M.Sc. (Computer Science) Univerisity of Victoria
  • MBA University of Victoria


  • ACM

Kim Lam Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5853
Office: B019c
Email: kimlam@langara.ca

Henry Lei Instructional Technician

Phone: 604.323.5444
Office: T211
Email: hlei@langara.ca

Steven Ma Instructor

Phone: TBA.
Office: A383
Email: stevenma@langara.ca

Sirine Maalej Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2445
Office: B019f
Email: smaalej@langara.ca

Chinmaya Mahapatra Workday Job

Email: cmahapatra@langara.ca

Jamie McKee-Scott Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2013
Email: jmckeescott@langara.ca

Jordan Miller Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2083
Office: A383
Email: jordanmiller@langara.ca

Saeed Mirjalili Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2160
Office: B019e
Email: smirjalili@langara.ca

Gladys Monagan Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5859
Office: B019l
Email: gmonagan@langara.ca

Leon Pan Workday Job

Phone: TBA.
Office: B006
Email: lpan@langara.ca

Haotian Pang Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2046
Office: A383
Email: hpang@langara.ca

Fred Parvaz Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5853
Office: B019m
Email: fparvaz@langara.ca

Adnan Reza Instructor

Phone: TBA.
Office: A383
Email: areza@langara.ca

Muntaseer Salahuddin Instructor

Email: msalahuddin@langara.ca

Maryam Samiei Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5033
Email: msamiei@langara.ca

Chris Schmidt Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2556
Office: A383
Email: cschmidt@langara.ca

Bita Shadgar Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2393
Office: B019m
Email: bshadgar@langara.ca

Khurram Shehzad Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2079
Office: B019i
Email: kshehzad@langara.ca

Seyed Arash Sheikholeslam Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2006
Office: B019f
Email: ssheikholeslam@langara.ca

Nasim Tabatabaei Instructor

Email: ntabatabaei@langara.ca

Pooya Taheri Workday Job

Email: ptaheri@langara.ca

Gary Yeung Instructor

Phone: TBA.
Office: A383
Email: gyeung@langara.ca

Allen Zhou Instructional Technician

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2259
Office: T211
Email: xzhou@langara.ca

Ryan Zier-Vogel Instructor

Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2557
Office: B019q
Email: rziervogel@langara.ca