The Langara College Digital Signage system has the purpose of communicating information to our campus community, including emergency messages, event promotion, and campus news. The digital signage refers to the flat panel display screens (monitors) installed across the campus in key locations. It is supported by TelemetryTV software, a content management system allowing all users to broadcast information across one or multiple screens.


  • A/B Building hallway
  • B Building - first floor by Boardroom (Room B141)
  • B Building - second floor across Student Accounts
  • C Building - entrance
  • C Building - Co-op
  • CS - front counter
  • IE - foyer
  • IE - reception
  • Foundation (4-panels)
  • Foyer - beside the cafeteria (3-panels)
  • Geography - outside lab
  • Geography - display case
  • Gym - basement
  • Gym - North hallway
  • IT Service Desk - Library
  • Library Commons area - outside L109
  • Library Commons area - next to the stairs
  • LSM
  • Makerspace
  • T Building - East Entrance
  • RES - outside
  • RES - inside
  • West 49th Ave.


Q: What do you mean by "digital signage"?
A: "Digital signage" refers to any of the the flat panel monitors installed across campus that are being managed with the TelemetryTV software.

Q: What isTelemetryTV?
A:TelemetryTV is a content management software to distribute content across our digital signage.

Q: Why is the College installing digital signage?
A: The digital signage is a flexible and effective way to broadcast messages in a timely manner to the campus community. Students have reported that they enjoy the dynamic nature of the screens, and that the content delivered on the screens is relevant and timely. The College plans to use the digital signage to communicate upcoming events, important deadlines, holiday messages, and emergency broadcasts such as weather closures. It is an additional communication medium to ensure that the entire campus is communicated to effectively.

Q: What is the difference between using a bulletin board and digital signage?
A: Bulletin boards and digital signage are both communication vehicles. Bulletin boards are useful for student notices or sample essays for perusing. Digital signage is meant for timely messages based on environment. Please speak with your Communications Advisor to learn how digital signage can be used for your department's needs.

Q: I prefer using a bulletin board. Are you going to remove bulletin boards?
A: The digital signage is its own system, and does not affect decisions regarding bulletin boards. Employees may continue using existing bulletin boards on campus.

Q: Do you expect me to post my own content?
A: We are encouraging content managers to post basic content related to their department's day-to-day operation (e.g., office hours, upcoming events/clinics/workshops, important dates, FAQs, etc). For initiatives requiring more design or communications support, please contact your Communications Advisor.

Q: Do I have to use your templates?
A: Yes. The templates provided by Communications & Marketing have been designed to be compliant with Langara's brand guidelines and they meet best practices for readability on a digital screen.

Q: The basic templates you provide don't meet my needs. Who do I contact if I need design or communications support?
A: Please contact your Communications Advisor to arrange for a custom template.

Q: My content doesn't fit on your template. I need more room.
A: Digital signage is meant to be read within 5 seconds. Please try to reduce your content to fit within the suggested guidelines of the template.

Q: Can I post student work on the digital screen?
A: Currently, no student work or postings, including events, are permitted on the screens.

Q: Can my SWAP student post for me?
A: No students are permitted to use the TelemetryTV system at this time.

Q: Can I get an additional login for my colleague?
A: One login is provided per department. This login must be shared by all members of the department.

Q: Why should my department consider being part of the digital signage network?
A: If your department regularly sends out communications, digital signage can be beneficial to you. For example, digital signage can be used to promote your events, notify guests of workshop cancellations, promote special courses, update information on waitlists or lineups, provide FAQs to alleviate student requests and more. Please speak with your Communications Advisor to get more ideas on how to use digital signage.

Q: How much does it cost for a digital signage monitor?
A: The typical cost is about $4,500 per 55" monitor before taxes. Please contact Justin Yau ( for more information.

Q: I want my own digital signage. How do I get one?
A: Please contact Strategic Communications & Marketing at

Q: Can I still get messages out on digital signage if my department doesn't have a monitor?
A: Yes. The digital signage should be considered as another medium to get your communications out. Please contact your Communications Advisor and they will assist you.

For Content Managers

All digital signage content managers must agree to the following terms of agreement.

Terms of Agreement

  • Only Langara employees within departments may publish content on digital signage.
  • All content managers must use Langara's branded templates provisioned by Strategic Communications and Marketing.
  • All content managers must be approved and go through digital signage training by Strategic Communications and Marketing.
  • Strategic Communications and Marketing reserves the right to publish college-wide messages to all digital signage monitors. These college-wide messages may include (but not limited to):
    • leadership announcements,
    • emergency notices, and
    • news or events that are relevant and timely to all students and employees
  • Strategic Communications and Marketing reserves the right to remove any content from digital signage monitors.
  • Content managers may not share their account access with other departments.
  • All content should be relevant to the College and its employees and students (no personal notices).
  • All content (text, photos, video, and audio) must be copyright- and trademark-free.
  • At times, the digital signage monitors and software may be down due to maintenance. IT andStrategic Communications and Marketing will endeavour to advise content owners with advance notice whenever possible.
  • Advertising or selling of digital space to external vendors are not permitted without express permission from IT and Strategic Communications and Marketing.


Download general template type specifications (PDF).


Strategic Communications and Marketing offers five basic templates (PowerPoint format) for all content managers. These templates are brand compliant and meet best practices for readability and web accessibility.

  • General content,
  • Upcoming events,
  • Important dates,
  • Office hours, and
  • Featured course (2)

Veiw and download templates here


We recommend the following typefaces for basic digital signage needs.

  • Title: Cambria
  • Subhead: Arial
  • Header: Arial
  • Body: Cambria

Font Sizes

To ensure the optimal readability experience, we recommend the following type specifications for content:

  • Title: 40 pt
  • Subhead: 18pt
  • Header: 16pt
  • Body: 22pt

Colour Contrast

The colour contrast between your text and background should pass WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) AA Standard.  Use the WebAIM Contrast Checker to validate your content.

Slide Count

We recommend a maximum of 4-5 slides per monitor.

Word Count

We recommend 27-30 words per slide.




Training will be offered by request. Please contact Strategic Communications and Marketing:


Do you have a question about digital signage? Please email the following: