Our visual identity is a robust system that utilizes colours, graphic elements, illustrations, and photography to create a cohesive brand.

Working together

To acknowledge our connection with Musqueam, we have designed a Musqueam name logo to work in family with our Langara logo. Neither of these logos are primary nor secondary. They are equal.

We have established a simple dual branding system for both those logos to appear together on all our printed and digital branded material.

The colours

Our primary brand colour is orange, with black and white as supporting or accent colours. Overall, the look is warm, energetic, and smart. It conveys a sense of optimism, enthusiasm, and discovery. The orange should be used boldly as it differentiates us from other post-secondary institutions. 

The typefaces 

Our brand uses two main typefaces – Adelle Langara and The Sans. They were selected to convey a sense of academic modernity and boldness.

  • Adelle Langara

A modern take on a traditional slab serif, it is a multi-purpose typeface that is highly legible and extremely flexible. It is used for headlines, callouts, and body copy. This version of Adelle includes a character extension for the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓language spoken by Musqueam and other Coast Salish peoples. The character extension was commissioned by Langara to support the incorporation of our Musqueam name in to our institutional identity, and was created in partnership with the Musqueam Language Department and the foundry, typetogether.

  • The Sans

A functional, yet friendly all-purpose modern sans-serif font. It is used for practical information, subheads, titles, and captions. We encourage the use of these fonts for all official College documents and marketing materials. For more casual use when licenses are not available for Adelle and The Sans, we recommend the use of the fonts Cambria and Arial in their place.