We are so fortunate to share our space and time with some amazing students in the Therapeutic Touch Program. The positive feedback that we receive from them provides incentive to continuing teaching and working with these students, and the clients who come to see us. It is a 'win-win' for all. Here are a few testimonials received from our students:

I enjoyed my TT classes in the last year, and learnt so much!  and most important, you are the best teacher!!  Thanks again and see you in October!! 

~ current Therapeutic Touch student

When I saw him last week, he was indeed very peaceful and had the most calm passing. I share this with you because I believe he received so much therapeutically .. <including> the care that you provided with Therapeutic Touch. It was probably the first time in his life that he had that level of nurture. So often we see predominately men who are residents who for once, away from addictions & isolations, can experience mindful care. At the end of life, everything else is stripped away, ego etc, and they can finally lean into the care provided with a safe place to land before the next journey. I do believe he loved the kind & compassionate attention from the care staff (including you & the Therapeutic Touch students). THANK you for your contribution to our hospices! ~ H. Maddox, Clinical Practice Leader, Cottage Hospice

Your mentorship course has been informative, interesting, and motivating. I'm so glad I embarked on this worthwhile endeavour. It has provided me with knowledge, confidence, and the curiosity to keep exploring the Laboratory of the Self! I've also found the camaraderie & sharing inspiring and uplifting. You've done an amazing job putting all of this together.


 Heartfelt thanks and gratitude for an inspiring and rewarding Mentorship year. Namaste

".....it was inspiring to see the many dedicated TT teachers and practitioners who contribute in so many ways  to make TT known around the world. Every person I observed and those I personally met were models of true TT values. I appreciate more fully now your individual contributions to nurturing TT in our corner of the world and to the greater TT community. I am very grateful that you are my teachers. I do learn from the writings of Dora, Dolores and Diane, but I truly grow my TT experiences with you."

"Brilliant!! Thank you."

"I really enjoyed Cheryl’s way of teaching. I think she has a real gift. Thank you!"

"Wonderful. Thank you."

"Good class. Especially loved the second day with both sessions for practice. Really good amount of hands on practice"

"I enjoyed hearing about the research and doing the meditations. I am feeling so much more confident in myself. Cheryl is a great teacher with a wealth of information"

"TT level 1 exceeded my expectations"

" Every time I come to this class, I feel centered and feel compassion to others. It is a great feeling. I can’t wait to learn more"

What aspects of the course did you find most helpful?:

  • The openness of the instructor that allowed the openness of the students. There were no situations that made the students feel uncomfortable. Your gentleness is tangible.
  • Teacher encouraged us to set intentions for ourselves and I did this for the first time with success.
  • The space was respectful as encouraged by Cheryl.
  • The openness and safety to discuss challenges/issues or to share experiences
  • Ongoing sharing and participation by all group members. Thoughtful, introspective, significant learning from all students and Cheryl.