Permaculture looks at how nature is designed, and how to design your own gardens, homes, businesses and relationships in light of nature’s operating system. It provides you with tools to be healthier, to save time, energy and money, and to connect with community in a deeper way.

Travel to farms, forests and gardens on a creative learning journey. You will learn how to map and design your homes and communities, plan for disaster, and grow more of your own food. Field trips will include visits to farms, forests, gardens and parks in Greater Vancouver such as:  Means of Production Garden, Sharing Farm, Loutet Farm, Strathcona/Cottonwood Gardens, City Farmer, A Rocha, Yarrow Ecovillage, UBC Farm and more.

This 12 month, weekend program offers accessibility and ease while allowing you to observe changes throughout the seasons. It is flexible for busy lives and organized modularly. Completion of this course earns you the internationally recognized certificate from the Permaculture Research Institute (Australia) or the Permaculture Research Institute (USA), or the Permaculture Academy (UK). This certification empowers participants to become professional permaculture designers, consultants and teachers. 

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