*Please Note* Due to the operation impacts on Continuing Studies of Covid-19, the IEH™ Intensive will not be held in 2020. We appreciate your interest in our program and apologize for our absence this fall and any inconvenice caused. Please contact if you have any further questions.

Integrative Energy Healing™ Intensive:

This foundational prerequisite program is offered yearly from September through December in a format of four, three-day modules plus outside clinic time. Modules run Friday-Sunday, from 09:00-5:30. The Intensive provides an introductory overview of the course content of the Advanced Certificate program. Topics covered include paradigms of health and illness, post-materialist scientific inquiry, biofield science, professional practice, awakening the inner healer, energy awareness, and awareness dialogue. Forty completed clinical treatments (20 in supervised Langara student clinics) are required to complete the Intensive in addition to written and experiential assignments related to the subjects above. Successful completion of the Intensive is required to enter the Advanced Certificate program (AIEH™ program). Cost--2020 tuition: $1712 (10% discount applied to full payment received by Aug. 31, 2020.)                                                                                                                              


IEH™ Intensive Program entrance requirements: Grade 12 completion or equivalent; English-language fluency (including written); completed application form and fee

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ Certificate program:

This flexibly paced certificate program begins in February of each year, and may be completed in as little as 17 months. (Students have up to five years to complete the AIEH™ Certificate requirements from the time they enter the IEH™ Intensive program). AIEH™ courses run on an academic calendar from September through June each year. (Please see "AIEH™ Curriculum" for an outline of the certificate program course content.) (Cost: approx. $8500 in total, plus two electives)

There are two streams of focus within the Certificate program, both required for program completion and Certification.

(Certificate program students only) The Healing Science stream of the AIEH™ Certificate program contains three courses with clinical requirements: 1) Biofield Healing and Wave Modulation (year one)  2) Trauma and Somatic-Based IEH (year two) and 3) The Art of Body Reading (year two). The first and second of these are three-module courses delivered over several months, with each module running Friday--Sunday, 09:00-5:00. (The Art of Body Reading is a three-day course). Additional out-of-class clinical work is required, including in supervised Langara clinics. The year one healing science course (Biofield course) is a prerequisite to the year two healing science courses.

(Open to all) The Awakening stream of the AIEH™ Certificate program contains four, three-day courses offered between November and May that focus on the integral yogic psychology of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, grounding an integral map of self and the evolution of consciousness in ancient Vedic science. The Awakening series, as well as another three-day course, Awareness Dialogue and Self-Inquiry, are also open to the general public and may be taken without program enrollment. Credits completed in the Awakening stream may be applied to the Certificate program later with enrollment (within the specified time frame for program completion).Taking the Awakening series in the recommended sequence is helpful but not required.

Year two of the AIEH™ Certificate program contains a local internship of eight to twelve weeks duration (with once weekly attendance) at a local healthcare agency (host sites vary by year). This is a synthesis piece for upper-level year two students and a prerequisite for graduation.

A basic post-secondary course in Anatomy & Physiology is required for AIEH certificate completion. (These credits may be transferred in for those who have completed A&P previously). One to two elective courses within the AIEH™ program or from Langara CS Health (approved by program coordinator) are also required for certificate completion.

AIEH™ Certificate Program entrance requirements: full and successful completion of the IEH™ Intensive program requirements

Watch an online presentation by Ruth Lamb for the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association about the Program, and download the slides here.