Upcoming Courses:

Please see "AIEH Curriculum" for course descriptions, and call Langara College Continuing Studies registration office at 604 -323-5322 to register.

September 2020: The Integrative Energy Healing™ Intensive program is appropriate for individuals with and without energy-based healing experience. It is an immersive experience of the IEH™ modality, and is a prerequisite for the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ (AIEH) Certificate Program. Intake for the IEH Intensive is one cohort per year, with applications accepted between March 1 and September 1 each year. The IEH Intensive must be successfully completed prior to enrollement in the Advanced IEH Certificate program.

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Note: many AIEH courses may be taken without applying to the program.

Please Note: Due to the presence of covid-19 in British Columbia and related public health recommendations, classroom-based learning is not offered by Langara College at this time. The Integrative Energy Healing program will strive to offer our open registration spring courses below at the earliest opportunity.

Dimensions of Human Becoming--Open registration course--This course is the third of the Awakening series, four courses open to the public held between November and May yearly. 

What if you can speak to your cells and shift neurotransmitter and cell receptor responses, release repressed impactful unconscious feelings, stop vicious thought cycles, access peace of heart and soul, increase inner wisdom, and accept greater conscious awareness? Discussion and practices centre on new scienctific findings and ancient wisdom traditions that link inner subliminal awareness with four specific levels of mind and emotion. 3 days, 24 hrs. Next offered TBA--Call 604 323-5322 to register.

Quantum Connections to Self (Winter) Awakening series: OPEN COURSE
Thoughts and emotions exert powerful influences on how we define ourselves, the ‘self’ aspect as well as the ‘soul’ aspect. Our belief systems impact innate healing abilities and cellular responses. Discussing symbolic sight and archetypal awareness, this course addresses the larger aspects of self and soul buried under conditional personality or chronic issues. Subtle energy and Vedic inspired practices present new ways to explore health and wholeness.
(3 days, 24 hrs. This course has open registration to the public--full program enrollement is not necessary. Next offered TBA)

Awareness Dialogue and Self-Inquiry (Fried) OPEN COURSE
Using a self-inquiry approach to inner awareness and meaning making, heuristic concepts and practices are used to encourage exploration of the deeper meanings, edges, and double signals behind problems, issues, and opportunities that arise in human experience. This discovery process includes tacit, subliminal,and subtle body techniques as well as communication styles that support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-discovery. 
(3 days, 24 hrs. This course has open registration to the public--full program enrollement is not necessary. Next offered: TBA)

Whole Health Easily and Effectively (WHEE) (to be renamed Transformative Wholistic Reintegration): open registration, and elective credit for the AIEH Certificate program. (One day, 8 hours: Next offered: TBA)