Marvice MacLean 2017 Aromatherapy Graduate

"When I found the Aromatherapy program with Langara College last Summer, I signed up the program right away because this is the only Aromatherapy program in British Columbia that offers classroom learning. During the course, we’d experienced and learnt over 60 essential oils with other Aromatherapy enthusiasts with the guidance of a very experience Aromatherapy master, I would never be able to do that by just reading about Aromatherapy or studying it online! I enjoyed very much the interaction with other classmates and meeting other like-minded people. Also, I found the practical part of the program, i.e. learning how to perform an Aromatherapy foot massage & full body massage, and deliver it in the clinic environment, is invaluable!

The program curriculum is well thought, and I’d learnt so much in 9 months. I’d say this is the best learning experience I’ve ever had and would recommend this program to anyone who is keen on learning more about Aromatherapy!"

~Marvice MacLean, Owner, LUMIÈRE Skin Health & Wellness Centre

Gaelle Langara Aromatherapy Alumni

I now live in Egypt where I give aromatherapy workshops and teach people how to use essential oils. This field is quite new here and I love it!  You can never know where aromatherapy will bring you! Thank you for your teachings!


Maggie Nett 2016 Aromatherapy Graduate

"It was an honour to have Lynne Edel, the former president of BCAOA (British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy), as our teacher and mentor. Her depth of knowledge of aromatherapy and her exceptional insight into the industry helped us understand, not only what essential oils are, but how to use these natural products for self-help and helping others. The class content covers many areas for what we need to know about theory and the industry. The hands-on training and student clinic of reflexology and massage also prepared us to apply different techniques for our future clients. The student clinic not only provided professionally set-up, safe and clean environment for our practice; it is also an excellent platform for us, as students, to have actual experience for taking in and interacting with public clients.

Now, being a Registered Aromatherapist; I am taking in my own clients, focusing on senior services, working as a professional, and providing aromatherapy treatments to help elderly clients. It is also an honour that I am serving BCAOA as one of the board directors, growing within the industry."

~ Maggie Nett, Registered Aromatherapist®,Essential Oil Therapist®, Jovial Wellness

Alexandra Toth 2017 Aromatherapy Graduate

"To those looking towards joining the Holistic Aromatherapy program at Langara but are un-sure; rest assured this program is well thought out and well worth the investment. As a graduate of the 2017 program, I learned more than I had or ever could have hoped for to push my practice and small business forward. With a sophisticated knowledge that in many arrays usurps my colleagues in the small business world.

Hands on training is of the utmost importance for my learning, and Lynne and the school as a whole have come together to provide fantastic a warm, inviting, and professional clinical setting to enhance and grow your skills. Leaving this course I am confident in the skills I have been provided both is treating holistically as in body works. 

If you have a desire to help and heal, while being able to uphold a professional status this surely the program for you!"

~ Alexandra Toth, Tothicus' Aromatherapy

Mariam 2017 Aromatherapy Graduate

"The aromatherapy program at Langara college provided me with the knowledge, skill, and hands on experience to practice aromatherapy with confidence. The material covered was in depth and practical. I highly recommend the program." ~Mariam

Graduate B.E. 2017 Aromatherapy Graduate

"After learning about the wonderful benefits of some essential oils I wanted to get more into it and it didn't take a lot to find that Langara offers Aromatherapy Program, it fit well to my schedule which was amazing! The whole program was very well explained and I learned that essential oils not only help the body physically but also mentally and emotionally and also a lot of knowledge is needed to use them safely. I feel happy to be an Aromatherapist and helping people with different conditions makes me feel better. ~Graduate B.E.

Melissa Housser 2017 Holistic Aromatherapy Graduate

When I first felt called upon to study aromatherapy, I enrolled in a correspondence course. I quickly became aware of how much I was missing by not having a more hands on approach. Shortly after, I discovered Langara’s Aromatherapy program. I was blown away by how much more integrated this program is. The inclusion of massage and reflexology has made my practice that much more versatile, and I learned so much more about the associations and how to further my education that I might never have discovered alone. I have made friends and colleagues, and even found employment as an aromatherapy practitioner. Lynne’s lessons were well structured, expansive, and truly created a holistic experience. I greatly appreciated the thought and energy she poured into each class. I would recommend this program time and time again. ~ Melissa Housser, 2017 Holistic Aromatherapy Graduate