During the work term, students are expected to:
  • Conform to all the conditions and rules that apply to employees in the organization.
  • Exercise ethical workplace conduct.
  • Set goals for learning.
  • Take the initiative to enhance their professional, academic and personal skills.
  • Maintain employer confidentiality.
  • Accept feedback and suggestions for improvement in a positive manner.
  • Participate in work-site visits (more information below).
  • Resolve problems or issues that may arise in a prompt, professional manner.
  • Advise the employer and their Co-op Instructor of any concerns or problems with their work assignment or environment as soon as an issue arises.
  • Keep in contact with their Co-op Instructor.
  • Complete and submit your work term assignments, as instructed, by the due date.

For full details, refer to our Co-operative Education Handbook.

Student Handbook

Site Visits

We want to make sure that you and the employer get the most out of the co-op placement. To this end, the site visit is an integral component of co-op. Site visits provide you with an opportunity to discuss your duties, talk about what you like and don’t like, explore how to handle particular situations and examine how you can incorporate the new skills when you return to academic studies. It’s an important time to get feedback from your supervisor.

You will arrange a site visit at a time that works for you, your Co-op Instructor and your supervisor to discuss your work progress. The meeting will typically be held at the workplace, six to ten-weeks into each four-month work term. Site visits for out-of-town placements may be done by phone of via Skype.

Your Co-op Instructor will meet with you first to talk about the details of your placement, for example, the work culture, the team you work with, meetings you attend, supervisor feedback etc. You will also review your goals for the work term with your Co-op Instructor and whether or not the placement is meeting your expectations and consider strategies for the remainder of the term.

After this, your supervisor will join you to give you his or her appraisal of the term so far. Then the Co-op Instructor and supervisor will meet alone where the employer can provide feedback on the student and their preparedness including technical skills, communication abilities and professionalism.

Contact your Co-op Instructor to learn more.