Once you have determined you qualify for co-op and have completed the pre-requisite course, EXPE 2300, complete the Co-op Application Form (New Student) found on Co-op & Career Connector (C3).

When applying for co-op you will be required to upload an unofficial transcript and master resume to your document profile on C3. You will also be required to provide availability for a one on one appointment with your Co-op Instructor. We will contact you to let you know when your appointment will occur.

Once accepted to the program you will get access to the co-op job postings on Co-op & Career Connector (C3). You will be applying for jobs and going to interviews during the term of application. Note - International Students must apply for their Work Permit to work in Canada.

A part-time co-op option may be available.  Please contact the Co-op & Career Development Centre for more information.