Photo taken before March 2020.

In the spring and fall semesters, the Co-op and Career Development Centre (CCDC) hires student staff to help promote and engage fellow students in career activities including career workshops, Career Talks, Tech Thursdays, and Alumni Talks. This opportunity to provide campus outreach helps build student confidence in their public speaking skills while working on event planning and student engagement activities.

The Virtual Career Leader team for the fall 2020 semester included:

Jaspreet Singh Post Degree Diploma, Data Analytics


Jaspreet is a dedicated individual committed to a career in data analytics. His approach is to optimize business operations by leveraging the true potential of data and to ensure key stakeholders are engaged with the data requirements process from the beginning. He is highly skilled in the technical aspect of data analysis and proficient in using Python and R for data analytics, and Tableau for data visualizations. He is skilled in regression and classification modeling using traditional machine learning and deep learning methodologies. Jaspreet is starting his career and wants to help bridge the gap between technology and business by solving business challenges using computing and statistics.

Luna Zheng Post Degree Diploma, Business Administration

Luna brings to her work a diverse background in philosophy, politics, economics, business, education, and arts. She has studied in Japan, China, and Canada and has a keen understanding of multicultural business operations. She is skilled in editing, education, event planning, and promotions. Luna has many interests and shares her experiences in her understanding of multicultural awareness, learning, and promotional tools through her multigenerational work. Luna is interested in pursuing a career in events and program coordination in non-for-profit organization, particularly with art and cultural institutions.

Made Natasha Karina Putra Associate of Arts: Commerce & Business Studies


Natasha is a dynamic individual who is passionate about people and making connections. She brings projects to life through her ability to inspire individuals and teams. She strives to overcome everyday challenges and has a keen interest in marketing and promotions. Her experiences include working with digital marketing tools, such as social media, that affect buyers and buying behaviour. Natasha has a win-win approach to her work and the people she works with. Her energy, collaboration, enthusiasm, and openness to learning is what helps her succeed.

Mariana Silvestrin Post Degree Diploma, Business Administration


Mariana is a seasoned intercultural professional. She is interested in project and process management that aligns with company culture and business goals. She has the ability to implement processes, take decisive action, and accomplish goals both independently and in a group. Her strengths include a keen awareness of group dynamics and the ability to bring plans to life. Mariana is interested in a career where she can blend her experiences in project management, processes improvement, and human resources.

Shadi Hamidiaval Post Degree Diploma, Business Administration


Shadi is an innovative organizer with insight. She is efficient at gathering details, analyzing, clarifying information, and meeting measurable deliverables on time and within budget. She has experience in multiple business sectors, from dental health care to business marketing, and is interested in creating measurable success for an organization. She can identify processes that allow her and her teams to move toward the expressed goals by establishing standards and metrics. Shadi has been working in the dental industry, specifically in dental imaging, for the past 8 years, helping students learning dental imaging. She is a team player and creative with innovative marketing ideas to create a strong brand image and increase traffic to a business. Shadi would like to blend her diverse multicultural experiences in business, customer service, and dentistry science with an organization looking to grow and deliver to its clients.