What program were you in?

BBA, Accounting.


Where did you have your co-op work placement?

I did five co-op work terms at Western Economic Diversification Canada as an Accounting Officer. My first term started in September 2014 and my last term ended April 2016. I was the first Langara student that they hired.


What is the biggest takeaway from your co-op experience?

Learn as much as you can. Embrace all the opportunities. Make the most of your experience. Always be curious, ask questions, and appreciate performance feedback.  


What work are you doing now?

I still work with the Federal Government, but as a Funding Services Officer in Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).


How did your co-op jobs prepare you for the work that you’re doing now?

My coop experience helped me build my network. It also prepared me in handling challenging situations and responsibilities at work.


Looking forward, where would you like your career to go?

I am currently working on my CPA designation. I want to get my license and maybe continue working for the government but I welcome other opportunities as well.


What would you say to someone who asks you about co-op?

I would definitely recommend co-op. I learned so much and it helped me figure out what do I really want to do in my career. Learning theories and reading textbooks are very different from actually applying what you have learned in school.