brodie wasserman


What program were you in?

BBA, Marketing Management. I started as a kinesiology student but when I took my first marketing course, I loved it, so I switched.


Where did you have your co-op work placement?

I was a Marketing Coordinator for FrogBox here in Vancouver. I wrote blog content, managed analytics, and provided marketing support to franchises across North America.


What is the biggest takeaway from your co-op experience?

My relationship with FrogBox CEO, Doug Burgoyne. He provided unparalleled mentorship to me during my co-op and long after. I attribute a lot of the success I have today to his guidance.


What work are you doing now?

I’m an Account Director at Briteweb. We do branding and websites for non-profits. We’re based in Vancouver but we have clients all over North America. I recently moved out to New York to launch our USA office.


How did your co-op jobs prepare you for the work that you’re doing now?

Co-op taught me how to be innovative. Sometimes you need to think out of the box to find a solution, even if you’re asked to do something that you’ve never done before. I also really improved my business and creative writing skills - which have served me a lot more than I thought they would in my career.


Looking forward, where would you like your career to go?

I plan to keep building my career with Briteweb. I still have a lot to learn about our industry and I’m in the process of building a sales team under me, which is exciting. At the pace we’re at now, Briteweb will double in size each year for the foreseeable future.


What would you say to someone who asks you about co-op?

Don’t settle - hold out for a job or company that really excites you. When I found FrogBox, I knew I was going to do whatever it took to work there. It was a lot of hard work, but my co-op honestly helped to significantly launch my professional career - and for that, I’m so grateful.