amory adrian


What program were you in?

BBA, Business Management.


Where did you have your co-op work placement?

My first co-op was at the Bill Reid Gallery as a Gallery Supervisor. The position turned into a full-time placement and I worked there for six months. I left the gallery to return to school full-time.

My second co-op position was in Communications and Consultation at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. My job involved lots of travel to Vancouver Island and Kelowna for many different events. After my placement ended, I was offered another co-op term and they let me split my time between Communications and Consultation and Economic Development Programs.


What is the biggest takeaway from your co-op experience?

Before doing my placements, I had a preconceived notion about what certain jobs would be like. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that I had it all wrong. You never know what something will truly be like until you do it.


What work are you doing now?

I am an Economic Development Officer with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. In this position I oversee funding programs that First Nation communities can access to support their economic development opportunities.


How did your co-op jobs prepare you for the work that you’re doing now?

My co-op placements provided me with the opportunity to see how an organization (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) worked from within. I was able to see the types of programs and services that are offered to First Nations communities and how I could play a role in supporting those communities. 


Looking forward, where would you like your career to go?

In the future, I would like to work within other directorates within the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. I would even consider positions with other Federal Departments to expand my knowledge, skills, and abilities. This will allow me to move vertically within the Federal Government later in my career.


What would you say to someone who asks you about co-op?

Co-op will provide you with the opportunity to ‘test drive’ an organization, or specialization, to see if there is a good fit between you and the organization and/or position.