The India Connect Scholarship Program is a new partnership between Langara College, Optimus Information Inc. and the Asia Pacific Foundation. This new program will fund the opportunity for two students each year for the next three years to complete their work experience requirement at Optimus Information Inc. in New Delhi, India. The program is designed to introduce students to India's rapidly growing and tech-savvy economy. We are now accepting applications for the January–April 2018 work term.

Students will benefit in the following ways:

1. You will launch your global career in one of the most dynamic and untapped regions of the world. India has become a thriving destination for business and technology opportunities. The country’s economy is growing, and new businesses are emerging and flourishing there. You will learn a lot from working in this environment and will gain experience that will be valued by future employers.

2. It will be easier than you think. English is the language of business at Optimus Information Inc.'s India office, and they will help in finding safe and comfortable living arrangements for you near your workplace. Optimus Information Inc. also has a ‘buddy’ system whereby a local staff member can answer questions and help you settle in to your workplace.

3. Your four-month term will be completely sponsored. This includes financial coverage for your round-trip travel to India and four months of living comfortably. Accommodation, lunches, and a stipend will also be provided by the employer.

4. You will join a network of ambassadors for the Asia Pacific Foundation Canada-Langara India Connect program. You will be asked to share your experience with others, through blogs and possibly through public speaking engagements, to fellow Langara students, other Canadian post-secondary students, and/or the local business community and other stakeholders.

If you are interested in the India Connect Program, email for more information.