The hiring process begins with posting jobs in the academic term preceding the work term. For instance, if you want a student to begin work in September, we should receive your job description in the May – August term. To access the largest pool of students, post early in the term.

To post a co-op position with us, either email the job description to (Word or PDF files work best) or set up your company profile and add your job through our Co-op & Career Connector (C3) job board. Please include the following information:

  • Closing date
  • Length of the position e.g. 4 or 8 months
  • Required documents
  • Contact person
  • How to apply e.g on your company website, by email - If you like, we can accumulate the student applications for you. When the posting closes, we will email you a resume booklet of all the students who have applied to your position.

Employers are not obligated to hire anyone if candidates do not meet company needs; conversely, employers are free to hire multiple students if they have the opportunities. Note - employers are also welcome to post paid, part-time and full-time jobs on the C3 Job Board. Our alumni also view our C3 job board; consider hiring a grad!

Post a Job for Graduates

Langara College graduates are a group of skilled individuals who work with co-op and other college departments seeking full-time employment. To access these career-oriented individuals, post your job with us on our Co-op & Career Connector (C3) site. Register your company and place your posting live on C3.

Our Co-op Education Instructors are often in contact with students who are close to graduation and graduates who are looking for work. We would be pleased to let them know about any opportunities within your organization.