$450 (USD) Application fee – paid to UCR
$4200 (USD) Tuition and UCR/Disney school fees
$1170 (USD) UCR Medical Insurance fee
$160 (USD) Visa Processing Fee (paid to US Consulate)
$180 (USD) SEVIS fee (Paid online to the Department of Homeland Security)
$154 (USD) Program assessment fee (Paid to Disney)
$1000 (CAD) Round-trip ticket from Vancouver to Orlando with a stop-over in Los Angeles
$70 (CAD) Langara Student Union and Capital Building Legacy Fund fees 

Expected Costs at Disney World:
$155 (USD) Books/materials fees
$2200 (USD) Accommodations based on $92.50/week
$1300 (USD) Food based on $50/week
$1300 (USD) Miscellaneous expenses 

Expected Earnings at Disney World:
$15,000 (USD) – Averaging 37.5 hours/week for 6 months

See the Disney careers website for more details!