March 30, 2016

Alert: Regarding Reports of Assaults Near Langara

Contrary to some reports, the Vancouver Police Department has told our Campus Security team that there were no assaults near the Langara Canada Line station over the Easter weekend. However, there have been some incidents in the Oakridge area over the past few months, and recent incidents on other Lower Mainland post-secondary campuses. Be proactive about your personal safety:

  • Never walk alone at night (darkness), when possible walk as a pair or in a group

  • Know your surroundings

  • Use the campus Safe Walk program by calling Campus Security (604.562.1011) to meet you at your current location and safely walk you to another building, your car, or the bus stop

  • Report any suspicious activity immediately to Vancouver Police or Langara Security

  • Walk with authority and be alert. Have your cellular phone ready for use in case of an emergency. Do not use ear buds when walking alone.

  • Consider a Safety App for your individual cellular phone


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