Langara College Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee meets regularly during the third week of every month as per its Rules of Procedure. Current committee minutes are available posted across from the room B235 on the JOHS bulletin board.

Committee members are listed below and can be contacted if needed. Please see the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee Rules of Procedure for more details about this committee.

Voting Members

  • Mairi Mallett, BCNU, local 5256
  • Molly Chow, CUPE, 778.668.1385
  • Sandra Connors, CUPE, local 5338
  • Theresa Kristoff, CUPE, local 5956
  • Rita Yip, CUPE, local 5229
  • Tanya Miller, LCAA, local 5867
  • Maggie Ross, LCAA, local 5151
  • Cynthia Fudgell, LCAA, Co-Chair, local 5148
  • Milos Campbell, LFA, local 5705
  • Paul Prosperi, LFA, local 5681
  • Mark Smith, LFA, Co-Chair, local 5908

Non-voting Resource Members

  • Nav Dhaliwal, Human Resources, local 5709