A Building Vacated Space Action Plan (Spring 2017-Fall 2018)

  • Renovation of 4,000 square feet of vacated Nursing space for RMT (work in progress)
  • Renovation of 5,000 square feet of vacated Chemistry labs into classrooms (work begins fall 2017)
  • Renovation of vacated Physics labs into classrooms (work begins spring 2018)
  • Renovation of vacated Biology labs (work begins summer 2018)

2018/2019 Implementations

  • Expand Fine Arts drawing room into A005, with additional space constructed in vacated Chemistry space (spring 2018)
  • Relocation of Psychology Lab to A266, A26,7 and A268a (summer 2018)
  • New physical home for LSM in B253 and B254 (summer 2018)
  • Theatre Arts replacement for A005 in vacated Chemistry space (summer 2018)
  • Dedicated computer lab for GIS and CS (summer 2018)
  • Two flexible spaces for shared use by IE Contract Training and Counselling/Health Services (January 2019)
  • Relocation of Ed Tech and TCDC to 2nd floor, which will involve expanding into LEAP classroom, C207, and one computer lab (January 2019)