Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. in the 3 to 5 programs and 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the toddler program.

Day Care Closures

The day care centre is closed on statutory holidays as well as for the Langara College Christmas break, which is approximately 10 days long. Families will be advised of the exact dates of the Christmas break each year.

Daycare Snow Closure

In the event of snow, Langara College may close down. If the college closes, the daycare centre will also close. Before heading to the daycare centre on snowy mornings, we ask parents to listen to the radio for school closure announcements. The Langara College website will also post snow closure information.

If it starts to snow heavily during the day, parents, especially those who are off campus, are advised to watch the weather and come early to pick up their children. We want to avoid children and families being on the road during the afternoon rush hour in hazardous driving conditions.

If weather conditions deteriorate during the day, the college may close at any time and parents will be contacted to pick up their children. As it may take parents who are off campus a long time to reach the daycare during snowy conditions, daycare staff may call them to pick up their children independently of a college snow closure announcement. This will help make sure that no child is left waiting at the daycare after hours while a parent is stuck in winter traffic.

Drop off and Pick up

Drop Off

Parents should not bring in their children before opening time. Children should be at the day care by 10:30 a.m. in case we plan to go on any outings. Parents should phone the day care at (604) 323-5204 at the three-to-five programs and at (604) 323-5662 at the toddler program before 10:30 a.m. if their child will be late or absent that day. Parents must pick up their children before closing time.

Children must be accompanied into the day care by a parent in the morning and given over to day care staff. In the afternoon parents should let staff know when they leave with their child. This ensures that we know where every child is and it also enables us to pass on messages to the parents. There is also a Sign In / Sign Out sheet that we ask parents to fill in each day.

Late Pick Up

If parents are late more than three times, they will be asked to make other day care arrangements for their child. If a personal emergency occurs, parents should notify the centre before closing time so that we will be aware of the difficulty. In the event that a parent or authorized person fails to pick up a child by closing time, the following action will be taken unless suitable arrangements have previously been made:

  • The day care staff on duty will attempt to contact the parent at home, school or place of employment, and if unsuccessful will attempt to contact the other parent, if applicable.

  • If still unsuccessful, the day care staff will attempt to contact the person(s) named by the parent as alternate care.

  • If the day care staff is unable to contact either parent or alternate, (s)he may contact the District Supervisor, Ministry of Children and Family Development to take custody of the child until the parent can be located.

  • Children will not be sent home by cab unaccompanied by an authorized adult.

Authorized Pick Up

Anyone picking up a child from the day care centre who is not a parent or guardian of the child must be authorized by the parent to do so. Parents will provide authorization in writing on the child’s registration form. Alternately, in an emergency, parents or guardians can advise day care staff in person or on the telephone if someone other than the parent or guardian will pick up the child, identifying the predetermined password that must be provided by the individual collecting the child. Photo ID must also be provided. If anyone comes to pick up a child who has not been authorized, day care staff will not release that child.

Pick Up by an Allegedly Impaired Person

If the person picking up a child is, in the judgment of day care staff, impaired (under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and unable to adequately care for the child, the day care staff will not release the child to that person. day care staff will offer to call a relative or friend to pick up the person and child.