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For over 10 years, publishers have redefined the concept of “textbooks” through content and technology innovations. Student and faculty benefit from countless options created to serve all kinds of learners and be cost-effective. Among them: digital and online textbooks, adaptive learning programs, downloadable single chapters, mobile apps, customizable textbooks and multiplatform supplemental resources.

Online Access Portals

An access code is a password used to access course content online. The kind of content depends on the course but may include practice exam questions, interactive videos, and course assignments and e-books. If an access code is required by your instructor, it will be used as a learning tool and will be required for a portion of your grades.

It is usually less expensive to purchase an inclusive course pack on campus, when available, rather than purchasing available new or used texts separately and then purchasing an access portal later. 


An e-Book is the digital equivalent of a printed textbook that you can purchase access to for a specific period of time. Save up to 30% off the new retail price of selected titles!

e-Book FAQs