Textbook BuyBack Textbook BuyBack FAQs

Please read carefully.

Save yourself Money and Frustration!

  1. Our policy is to obtain as many used books as possible, in order to reduce costs to students.

    Textbooks are purchased on a re-sale need basis. If the Bookstore needs your book for re-sale immediately, sellers will be paid 50% of the current new book price regardless of whether you purchased the book new or used or where you purchased it from. If your book is purchased for wholesale by a third-party reseller at Buy Back, the price may be less.

    The Bookstore normally purchases used textbooks at the end of each term and the beginning of the new term. Exact days and times can be found here.

  2. We cannot guarantee to buy back your textbooks. 

    We do NOT buy back textbooks if:

    • the book is not being used in the upcoming term.  You can try and bring it to the next Buy Back for the following term. 

    • the Bookstore has already purchased sufficient quantities of your book.  Come early to the Buy Back, because once we have bought the quantities we require for next term, we stop buying.  Again, it may be worth trying the book at a future Buy Back.

    • the book is not resaleable (i.e. workbooks which have been filled in, texts which have been excessively marked, pages missing or falling out, binding and/or covers loose, etc.)

    • the book is incomplete; if it is missing any of its enclosures, such as the CD, floppy disk, pincode, or any other item, and if we have been told that the enclosed item is required for next term’s students. Please note that most pincodes, once opened, cannot be used by another student.
    • it is courseware. We do not buy back Courseware. For copyright reasons we cannot sell this material twice.

When you purchase your textbooks, do not throw out any of the enclosures – you may need them at the Buy Back!

The Bookstore reserves the right to determine the saleability of used books.

If we do not require your textbook, a representative from one of the largest Used Textbook companies in North America will be at the Buy Back and may offer to buy your book.

    • For books which have a resale value, the Used Textbook company price is based upon on supply and demand. As a guideline, the maximum price the Used Textbook company receives for a used book is 50% of the current retail price, therefore the price they can offer you will be less than 50%.

Unfortunately, some books have no resale value because they are out of date and are no longer being used here at Langara or on other campuses.