Textbook BuyBack Textbook BuyBack Policy 

Q. Is there a book list for the books you are buying back?

We don't produce a list because we buy with a representative from one of North America's largest used book wholesalers.  If the Bookstore has bought back it's full quantities and/or you have a book that we're not buying for the bookstore, the used textbook company may buy your book from you at a wholesale price.  At any time, they could a list of over 60,000 books and it would be unpractical to produce a list that long that is constantly changing.

Q. I have a book which is being used next term. Does that mean you will be buying it?

We try to buy as many used books as possible from our students, but we cannot guarantee to buy back any particular books. If we already have enough quantities of that book, we will not buy it back. Sometimes we have a book which is used by many students in one term, but in the next term there are fewer classes using the book, so we need fewer copies.

Q. When and where are the Buy Backs?

Buy Back is either held in the A Building, main foyer, or in the Bookstore.  Please check the Textbook Buy Back page for the next dates, times, and locations.

Q. I thought you paid 50% of the current new price of any textbook. When I went to the Buy Back, I was offered less than 50% for my book - why?

If we don't need any more copies of your book, for whatever reason (book not being used this term, bookstore already has enough copies, etc.) then you will be offered the wholesaler's price.

Q. Why is the wholesaler's price lower than 50%?

The wholesaler's price is based upon supply and demand, like the stock market. If a book is popular, the price goes up; if it's not, the price goes down. Some of the wholesaler's prices are low, but some are very good; we like you to at least have the option of getting some money for your books rather than none!

Q. When I bought my text it had a CD but I lost it. Can I still sell it back?

All materials should be complete with CD (or study guide, volumes, etc), that it came with.  We need to be sure the material is as complete as possible for the next student.  If your textbook came with a CD or study guide, or it come in multiple volumes, please make sure you bring all components when you come to sell your textbook.

Q. You wouldn't buy my package (Text and Study Guide) because you said the Study Guide wasn't 'clean'. Why?

Again, we mention this in our Buy Back Policy Study Guides need to be 'clean', in other words, the space left for answers should be blank so that the next student can use it the way you did. If you work in pencil, simply erase your work when you're done.

Q. You wouldn't buy my text because you said it wasn't in good enough condition - why?

We do not buy texts if there is water damage, the binding is loose, pages are falling out, etc. The book will be judged as to whether it is resaleable or not at Buy Back.

Q. But I bought the book like that!

Our cashiers look for any obvious damage to our books when we sell them and would mention it before selling, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that the book you are buying is in good condition. We can only judge the copy that you're showing us today.

Q. My friend sold their book at the Buy Back, but when I went, you weren't buying the book (or were offering wholesale price rather than 50%) - why?

Your friend came early, when we were still looking for copies of that book; by the time you came, we had bought all we needed. Come early!