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Q. What is an access code or eText?

An access code generally includes access to the online homework assignment system for a textbook, e.g. MyAccountingLab, Connect, Launchpad, MindTap, etc.  It may or may not include an eText.  An eText is the digital equivalent of a printed textbook.

Q. Why would I buy an access code or eText?

eTexts are a convenient way of accessing your course materials. They usually cost less than printed books and they reduce your carbon footprint.  Some students purchase a used print textbook and realize they need access to the online homework system.  Not all codes are available without the eText.

Q. What do I need in order to use my access code/eText?

You will need an internet connection and a computer or electronic device that meets the system and browser requirements of the access code/eText. 

Q. How do I find access codes and eTexts in the Bookstore?

eText and access code cards can be found in the same section as your textbook.  If there are none available, check with the cashier.  For cards that are on the shelf, simply take the card to the cashier to purchase.

Q. How do I find access codes and eTexts online?

eBooks and access codes can be found here.  Simply choose select your courses and click 'search'.  More information about the titles can be found within each record.

Q. Can I return my access code/eText?

No, access codes and eTexts are final sale.  Please make sure you are confident about your purchase.

Q. Are eTexts accessible to people with disabilities?

If the publisher has enabled the 'Read out loud' feature, the eText can be read out loud by your computer. Please contact Langara Accessibility Services for more information regarding the resources available for students with disabilities.

Q. How long do I have access to the access code/eText?

Restrictions for codes and eTexts are put in place by the publishers and are usually detailed on the purchase card. Generally, your access will expire a minimum of 180 days after purchase.

Q. Can I print or copy text from an eText?

If the publisher has enabled printing, then yes, you can print pages from your eText. Printing is generally limited to the number of pages in the book.

Q. Can I read my eText without being connected to the Internet?

Some eTexts allow for offline reading or downloading of a specified number of chapters.

Q. Can I share an access code or eText with my friends?

Codes are one-time-use only.  They cannot be shared among multiple individuals.  More often than not, it also becomes linked to your student # or name.


Purchase Access Codes & eTexts here

Last updated August 2021