1. I brought a book back for refund but was told I had missed the date. Why can't you do this for me now? Unfortunately we too have to conform to deadlines from our publishers and suppliers; if we take back books after our deadline has passed, we risk being unable to return the book to our suppliers and the College is therefore left with the loss.
  2. I wasn't aware of the deadlines to return my books. Where do I find out?
    The date is shown on your till receipt. See our Refunds Policy
  3. The book I want to return was bought new - will I get a full refund if I bring it back before the deadline?
    As long as the book is in new, resaleable condition, there should be no problem.
  4. I brought back a book which you claim is not in 'new, resaleable condition' Why can't I have my money?
    The reason for this is that we have only two alternatives with books that are returned to us: we can try to sell them to another student, or we can try to return them to the publishers. If the book appears to be used, students will question the condition of the book and will not want to pay the new price for it; likewise, the publishers will not credit us for books that appear to be even marginally used.
  5. But I bought the book like this!
    Unfortunately, we can only judge the book as it appears when you return it to us; we can't go back in time and see the condition of the book when you bought it. If the cover is scuffed, if the edges are curled, if the binding is broken, in other words, if the book has been marked in any way, we cannot give you a full refund for it. Our cashiers look for signs of damage when we sell new books and would point it out to you if they spot it, but it is ultimately your responsibility to check your purchases carefully before leaving the store.
  6. If I bought the book new, but you judge it to be 'used' when I return it, can I at least get some of my money back?
    In some cases, we may be able to sell the book as 'used', in which case, we would refund you the used price (75% of the new price) and we would put the book back on the shelf at the same (used) price. We are not always able to do this, because in some cases the students have already bought all the copies they need and we would be left with an unsold copy. We will try to help where we can.
  7. How can I avoid damaging my books and being penalized because the book no longer looks new when I want to return it?
    With some books, if you leave them in your backpack, even for a day or so, they can become damaged. Paperbacks, courseware, books with glossy covers - all these are particularly vulnerable. We advise you to take extremely good care of your books until you are sure whether or not you want to return any.
  8. I bought a shrinkwrapped package which I find I no longer need. When I came to return it to the Bookstore, I was refused because the CD or the Pincode had been opened. Why?
    If it appears that the CD or the pincode have been used, we don't know whether these will be functional for the next student. Please be very careful before opening up your packages, as in some cases we will not be able to give refunds once you open up any of the components; the publishers will not accept opened packages and students will not pay new price for a product which has been tampered with. In some cases we may be able to offer a full refund, less a service charge of $5.00 for the shrinkwrapping; in other cases we may be able to offer the used price; in some cases we may not be able to offer any refund. Please be very careful before opening your packages.
  9. I am a Continuing Studies student and I wish to return my book. However, your returns deadline was over before I even started my course! What do I do?
    Continuing Studies courses run at all times during each term so your textbooks are usually outside of our regular returns deadline dates. Please come and see us if you have a problem and we will do our best to resolve it.