Requisitions for course materials should be submitted to the Bookstore.  You can fill out a textbook requisition or send an email to the appropriate buyer, with the following information:

  • Department/Course (e.g. BIOL 1234)
  • Section numbers(s)
  • Anticipated Enrolment
  • Textbook information & status
    • Author, title, ISBN, copyright, publisher
    • Required or Optional

Requisition Due Dates

Requisitions for the following term are generally due 6-7 weeks into the current term.

Fall 2019 requisitions are due June 21, 2019.  Submissions will be accepted after the deadline, however late submissions could be subject to delays.

Textbook Requisitions

A separate Textbook Requisition is required for each course. 

Please list all course materials, required or optional, for each course.  This includes study guides, student solution manuals, lab manuals, dictionaries, dissection kits, etc. Specify if a peripheral component (e.g. access code, study guide, CD, etc) is required or not required for your course.

If you are not using any texts or courseware, please specify “No Text Required” on the form and return it to the Bookstore.

Courseware Requisitions

For Courseware (i.e. readings and/or course notes which are printed at the Langara Printshop for resale in the Bookstore), you will need to complete three forms:

  1. Textbook Requisition form with Courseware listed as required or optional.

  2. Courseware Production Requisition form

  3. Copyright Permissions Request and Self-Tracking form

Submit all courseware forms to the Bookstore Buying Office.

Desk Copies

If you need a desk copy of new texts, you can order them directly from the publisher’s representative by checking our website for contact information.  Please contact the Buying Office if you need assistance.

Please contact the Bookstore Buying Office if you need assistance.

Supervision/Buyer:  Brendan Hunter, Local 5401


Buyer:  Lisa Vongsana, local 5202


Last Updated May 2019