Let's pull together.

Join the Langara United Way team on the airport runway! We are currently recruiting team members to pull a 127,000lb jumbo jet together, with the goal of raising $1000. All Langara employees and students are welcome to join the team. 

How it works:

  1. Visit the Langara United Way Team page and click the "PARTICIPATE by joining this team" button.* If you don't wish to join the team, but want to contribute, you can donate to team members or to the Langara team in general.
  2. A team of up to 15 will get to participate in the official plane pull on Sunday, September 23 2018. All participants are required to be available for one hour during the official plane pull. The schedule will be shared when available. 
  3. Come out on event day (Sunday, September 23) to celebrate with us! There will be carnival games, a plane tour, and more.
*Team members will receive a special edition Langara United Way tshirt

Learn more. Visit the UPS United Way Plane Pull page.