Congratulations Denise Busayong for winning $75.00.

Thank you everyone for playing Bingo for a good cause.

See you next year!


Bingo is Back! Play and get a chance to win $75. Must be 19 or over to play.

Starting Monday, October 29, 2018 - numbers will be drawn until there's a winner.

How to Play the Langara United Way Bingo:

1. Buy your $2 card today from:

Gemma Oropesa, Continuing Studies A161, local 5642

Dionne Orrange, Co-op Office, C121

Yasmine Esmail, Deans' Office, B241

Rose Palozzi, Financial Services, B252

Stephanie Koonar, School of Management, B253b

Terri Rear, IT, A135

2. Numbers will be drawn daily at 11:55 am.

3. Watch for the DAILY NUMBER draws starting October 29 here (Bookmark this page).

4. Mark your BINGO card(s) each time your number is drawn.

5. The first person to BLACKOUT (cover all numbers) their Bingo card and EMAIL Gemma Oropesa with BINGO in the subject line of the email is the potential winner.

6. Winning card must be verified in person before winner is determined.