The College seeks a leader who understands and respects the importance of the College’s mission and values and is ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future, defined by our 2025 Strategic Plan: Weaving A Shared Future ».

The search for the College’s next President and CEO will be conducted by the Langara College Board of Governors with Leaders International Executive Search », a leading Canadian executive search firm. While candidate confidentiality is of utmost importance to a successful search process, we are committed to transparency and will keep our community informed at every stage of our President search.

Search Committee

We are also pleased to share the names of our President Search Committee:
  • Michal Jaworski, Board Chair (Ministry-appointed)
  • Krisha Dhaliwal, Board Second Vice-Chair (Ministry-appointed); Member, Human Resources Task Force (Presidential Search)
  • Ian Mass, Board Member (Ministry-appointed); Chair, Human Resources Task Force (Presidential Search)
  • Andy Dhillon, Board Member (Ministry-appointed); Chair, Audit and Finance Committee; Member, Human Resources Task Force (Presidential Search)
  • Janelle Dwyer, Board Member (Ministry-appointed); Member, Human Resources Task Force (Presidential Search)
  • Raza Mirani, Board Member (Ministry-appointed); Chair, Governance and Nominating Committee; Co-Chair, Human Resources Task Force (Presidential Search)
  • Elizabeth Barbeau, Dean, Regular Studies and Langara College Administrators Association (LCAA) Representative
  • Councillor Gordon Grant, Musqueam
  • Pauline Greaves Aylward, Langara Faculty Association (LFA) President
  • Rose Palozzi, CUPE Representative
  • Scott McLean, Langara Faculty Association (LFA) Representative
  • Keshav Rai, Langara Student Representative
  • Jane Mason, Vice-President, People & Culture

Search Timeline

(Last updated October 13, 2021)

Search Committee Selected
Job Description Updated
Search Firm Selected
Terms of Reference
Search Kick-off Meeting
Opportunity Profile Approved
Community and Stakeholder Consultation
National Search for Candidate
September 13 – October 2021
Long List Meeting (first candidate review)
Week of October 25
Short List Meeting (candidates selected for interviews)
Week of November 8
Candidate Interviews
November 15 – 29
President Selection / Board Decision
Week of December 6
Week of December 13
Public Announcement


The Executive Search Firm

Leaders International », is one of Canada’s leading, innovative, and trusted executive search firms. Accessing top-level candidates nationally, the firm is represented across the country with offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. This breadth of scope ensures that each client receives senior-level expertise and access to top-level candidates across the country.