The Langara Innovation Fund Committee is pleased to announce that the following projects have been awarded Innovation Funding for 2014/2015.

Post-Degree Diploma (PDD) in Mobile and Web Application Design and Development

The joint proposal by the Publishing and Computing Science & Information Systems Departments proposes development of an interdisciplinary PDD, which would make this offering unique to the Lower Mainland. Preliminary market research demonstrates strong interest among employers for graduates of a program of this nature.

Darren Bernaerdt, Publishing Department
Brian Koehler, Computing Science & Information Systems Department

Bachelor of Science in Applied Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a rapidly growing field which uses the power of computers to collect, store, analyze and disseminate biological information - transforming all areas of biology, medicine and agriculture, as well as the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Building on recent success of Langara's newly implemented Associate of Science and Diploma programs in Bioinformatics, the Departments of Biology and Computing Science & Information Systems are proposing to develop a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Bioinformatics.

Mario Moniz de Sa
Biology Department

The call for 2015/2016 Innovation Fund proposals will begin in the Fall of 2014.

Lane Trotter, EdD