As we enter into June and the beginning of celebrations around Pride Month, it’s important to understand and recognize the contributions and sacrifices so many in the LGBTQIA2S+ community have made, with particular attention to Black queer activists, without whom Pride wouldn’t exist.

The (CIE) wishes everyone, but particularly the Langara LGBTQIA2S+ community, a wonderful Pride Month with the reminder that Vancouver’s Pride Season usually happens in July and August. Don’t forget to check out all the wonderful in-person and virtual celebrations a little later on this summer on July 31st with Vancouver Pride Society’s 44th Vancouver Pride festival: Together Again.

Suggested Resources & Events

The Centre for Intercultural Engagement (CIE) would also like to offer some more LGBTQIA2S+ resources for your consideration. We welcome feedback, stories, comments, or questions to

Engage Check out these local and national events throughout the month of June.

June 2 – Out in Tech Pride 2022

  • Join Out in Tech for a series of fireside chats and rapid talks highlighting queer stories and exploring issues affecting our community, including: trans inclusion in sports, employee advocacy, queer representation in the media, rainbow capitalism, sex and dating, and more.

June 7 – Pride Buttons at the Library

  • Celebrate Pride Month with the Langara College library. Check out their Pride Month book display and make your own button to show your pride.

June 20 – Hauntings: Pride in Art Community Show Opening Reception

  • Queer Arts Festival and James Black Gallery present this Community Arts Exhibition featuring outstanding artists from local 2SLGBTQIA+ communities. Come see what haunts the artists amongst us.

June 28 – Panel and Discussion: Pride Month (Langara College)

  • Join Langara Global for this in-person discussion featuring various voices from this community. The panel and discussion will take place on campus 12:30 pm-2:00 pm and participants will have an opportunity to actively engage, listen, inquire, share, and learn together. Register now. 

June 29 – Objects of Pride: A virtual show & tell

  • Open to all members of the community that identify as LGBTQ2S+, this online event is an opportunity to share a personal story about an object, photo, song, or other artefact that connects you to your LGBTQ2S+ experience and history.

Learn Use this collection of resources for reference all year long.

History of Canadian Pride

  • When asked about the history of pride, often the first thing that comes to people's minds are the Stonewall Riots. Canada, however, has it's own rich history and turning points in the struggle for and eventual celebration of LGBT rights. Learn more.

Breaking down the LGBTQIA2S+ Acronym

  • Time for another episode of Get Smarter with Blair Imani. This segment answers a question from a Smartie named Kennedy: "Why are there so many letters in the LGBTQIA2S+ acronym?" Let's break it down and Get Smarter in the process. #GetSmarterWithBlairImani​

Speaking with Care: LGBTQIA2S+ Inclusive Language

Langara Library LGBTQ+ Reading List

  • Explore resources related to Pride Month including Canadian fiction, graphic novels, and cinema.

It’s Pride Month: Here’s what you need to know

  • Cover your Pride Month basics with this overview published by CNN. 

Support Support the community throughout the year.
  • QMUNITY is what happens when queer, trans, and Two-Spirit folks looking for a sense of community come together to meet, guide, and support each other.
Refuge Restrooms
  • This web application seeks to provide safe restroom access for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals. Users can search for restrooms by proximity to a search location, add new restroom listings, as well as comment and rate existing listings. Trans led, Refuge seeks to create a community focused not only on finding existing safe restroom access, but also advocating for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming people’s safety. 
8 Ways To Support The Black LGBTQ+ Community For Pride Month
  • You're educating yourself on racism and attending the protests against police brutality. Here's how to step up to support queer Black movements and organizations.
Listen and watch Tune in to a wide variety of content at home or on the go.

Growing Up with Pride

  • Tune into this recording of this powerful webinar, Growing up with Pride: A story about love, strength, determination, and resilience with Maggie Stewart from Langara's Office of Student Engagement. Much appreciation to Maggie for being so open to sharing with us her deeply personal experience.

Museum of Anthropology: Artists Unscripted: QUEER Imprints

  • This special edition of Artists Unscripted was presented as part of the UBC ARTIVISM Festival 2021: Queering the Self, and features illustrator and comic artist Syan Rose alongside comedian and poet Tin Lorica. Expect the unexpected from these dynamic artists as they take you inside queer artistry and representation, both on stage and in print. Their conversation was moderated by UBC ARTIVISM Festival’s artistic director, Bianca Santana, and together they explored the festival’s theme of queer expression in our digital era.

Museum of Anthropology: Artists Unscripted: QUEER Homelands

  • Queer Homelands is an evening of poetic performance and conversation by non-binary Fillipinx artist Kimmortal, transgender Russian-Jewish poet Angelic Proof and first-generation Afro-Caribbean artist Alisha. The artists perform and engage in conversation on how queer children of refuge, diaspora, migration and/or exile can reclaim access to healing through the magic of language and performance.

Stonewall Forever - A Documentary about the Past, Present and Future of Pride

  • Stonewall Forever is a documentary from NYC’s LGBT Community Center directed by Ro Haber. The film brings together voices from over 50 years of the LGBTQ rights movement to explore queer activism before, during and after the Stonewall Riots.

19 podcasts to listen to during Pride and all year

  • Mashable explores the modern LGBTQ world with this list of podcasts – from the people who make up the community to the spaces where they congregate, both online and off. 

20 Best Queer Podcasts To Tune Into While Going About Your Daily Queer Life

The ABCs and 123s of LGBTQ2+ Inclusion

  • Join Michael Bach, author of the upcoming Alphabet Soup: The Essential Guide to LGBTQ2+ Inclusion at Work (, and guests Farrell Hall (Chief Inclusion Officer, 9 Story Media), Lenore MacAdam (Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Corus Entertainment), DS "Shep" Sheppard (Senior Manager, Equity Diversity & Inclusion at Equitable Bank/EQ Bank), and Steve Yan (Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, BDC) for a discussion about LGBTQ2+ inclusion, and what it means to LGBTQ2+ people who share their stories.

Widening the Lens on Gender with Vivek Shraya

  • Vivek Shraya is an visual artist, musician, and writer whose work over many years has explored and challenged ideas about gender. Her latest book, "I'm Afraid of Men," has captured the attention of a wider audience and sparked conversations about identity and masculinity, and what it will take to see one another without the lens of cultural norms. Tune into this segment with Nam Kiwanuka who talks to Shraya about her life, her art, and her journey to self-understanding.

SOGI UBC: Gender & Sexual Diversity Inclusion for Educators

  • Listen to other educators in this short video on the importance of preparing inclusive educational professionals for the benefit of students and the world.

SOGI UBC: Gender & Sexual Diversity Inclusion for Faculty

  • This video explores what it means to developing inclusive excellence in post-secondary settings.