Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the internationalization survey in May. We had 1,626 respondents including 436 employees, 584 domestic students, and 606 international students.

Overall the results were positive and will provide insight to develop goals for an internationalization strategy for the College. Here are some highlights from the results:

  • The statement with the greatest agreement was for “support to develop a sense of belonging, regardless of cultural background”.
  • The statement with the highest percentage of Agree or Strongly Agree choices was “employees and students can recognize, appreciate, share, and manage differences effectively”.

Participants were also asked to prioritize two statements within a shared theme. These priorities were evaluated by employee category (instructional and non-instructional) and by type of students (domestic and international). Within each theme, a top priority identified by all groups is listed below:

  • Intercultural dimension: Programs, courses, or training that facilitate the development of intercultural competence for all students and employees.
  • Student success: Tools to develop intercultural awareness to confidently and respectfully study, work, and live in a diverse society.
  • Employee satisfaction (only asked of employees): Time, training, and resources to incorporate an intercultural dimension on campus.
  • Meaningful contribution to society: Employees and students can recognize, appreciate, share, and manage differences effectively.
  • Enhanced quality of education: Providing an effective and appropriate learning and teaching environment that prepares all students to fulfill course requirements.

To learn more about next steps in the internationalization strategy development process, view the project timeline.