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Internationalization is “the intentional process of integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose, functions and delivery of post-secondary education, in order to enhance the quality of education and research for all students, and [employees], and make a meaningful contribution to society” (de Wit, Hunter, Howard, and Ergon-Polak, 2015).

Accordingly, the Langara community launched the development of a college-wide internationalization strategy on November 9, 2017. Since that time, the Internationalization Strategy Development (ISD) working group has met with Langara community members through department meetings and forums held at various times during the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters.

Based on this feedback, the working group has identified key components of an internationalization strategy. In this survey you are:

  • Provided with the key components identified through forums in areas of intercultural competence, student success, employee satisfaction, meaningful contribution to society, and quality of education,
  • Asked to provide your feedback on how appropriate you feel each component is, 
  • Asked to rank your top components in each area, and
  • Provided with an opportunity to comment or add your feedback on missing components.

Once the survey is completed, the survey results, along with feedback from the forums, will be used to develop internationalization goals.

This survey is confidential, and all questions are optional. 

Complete the survey by May 30 and enter to win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards. Thank you for your time and input. Your contribution is valued and important!

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