Internationalization is an intentional process to integrate an intercultural dimension in the way we teach, learn, and provide services at the College, in order to enhance the educational environment for all students and employees while making a meaningful contribution to our community.

 Student Success and Development

Langara is Canada’s pathways college. We provide an interculturally welcoming environment where students can get the academic, social, and experiential foundations for further education, professional and personal development, and career success.


Support student success and development through a sense of belonging as valued members of our intercultural community.


Support our diverse students through their transitions in the academic experience.

  • Create a working group to develop strategies to help students achieve their own goals and academic success
  • Complete a report to identify existing pathways and recommend new ones that coordinate required skills for course and program completion
  • Support the development of a strategic approach to program, academic, and co-curricular advising

Increase opportunities for meaningful and inclusive engagement among all members of the Langara community.

  • Create an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee with employee and student representatives
  • Encourage and promote interculturally welcoming spaces and events

  Support for Employees

Langara has a talented and diverse workforce. We are committed to supporting employees as the College continues to grow and evolve in an increasingly diverse community.


Support employees’ efforts to contribute to internationalization in our community.


Support faculty and staff efforts to help students with diverse needs move towards their goals.

  • Increase support and funding to identify and address academic issues using an interculturally informed framework
  • Create opportunities for employees to meet to discuss best practices, ask questions, and share answers about culture
  • Develop and maintain resources for faculty, staff, and students to investigate questions about culture

Ensure that time, training, and resources are available for employees to incorporate an intercultural dimension on campus.

  • Develop programing and incentivize participation in intercultural skills acquisition
  • Provide funding towards obtaining a credential in intercultural studies
  • Support research on internationalization initiatives

Increase opportunities for international experiences for employees.

  • Promote opportunities for internationalization at home and abroad and provide opportunities to share experiences

 An Intercultural Dimension 

Langara benefits from diversity. We welcome and celebrate the different cultures in our community. Our intercultural community will prepare students to confidently and respectfully study, work and live in a diverse society.


Make a meaningful contribution to society by supporting students and employees who recognize, appreciate, and engage with cultural differences.


Develop programming and incentives that facilitate and recognize intercultural competence.

  • Establish a credential in intercultural competence

Provide student-centered guidance for the development of intercultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

  • Investigate and pilot cross-campus student mentoring program with an intercultural focus
  • Establish Intercultural Days on campus

Connect students and employees with opportunities to interact with the diverse community around Langara and make meaningful contributions.

  • Fund student and employee participation in community events, service learning, and social innovation
global-citizens-icon Global Citizenship

Global citizenship refers to a sense of belonging to a broader community and common humanity. It emphasizes sustainable environmental, political, economic, social, and cultural interdependency and interconnectedness between the local, the national, and the global.


Enhance learning and teaching in support of the development of global citizens.


Internationalization of the curriculum.

  • Coordinate the development of learning outcomes on intercultural understanding and global citizenship
  • Investigate and pilot teaching and learning initiatives that foster intercultural and global understanding (e.g. Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL))
  • Develop supports and resources for internationalization of curriculum
  • Support the development of divisional and departmental internationalization strategies

Increased opportunities and guidance for students to work and study abroad.

  • Investigate the establishment of an Education Abroad Office
  • Increase funding and support for Education Abroad opportunities (both new and existing)
  • Create and fund a stipend for Education Abroad participants to share experience with the Langara community

Develop strategic international partnerships.

  • Investigate the establishment of an International Partnership Coordinator position to develop international partnerships and collaboration opportunities for students and employees