Job Title: School of Management Instructors, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & MARKETING

Full Time/Part Time: Temporary, Part-Time for SUMMER 2018 Term

Regular/Temporary:  BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & MARKETING in the LSM Diploma, BBA and PDD Programs

Posting Type: Concurrent

Department/Program: The Langara School of Management (LSM) offers six diplomas, four bachelor degrees, and three post-degree diplomas ( ). The LSM has almost 90 faculty members and staff that work diligently as a team to maintain a high instructional and ethical standards. The LSM team provides students with applied opportunities inside the classroom and external events outside the classroom.

Description of Position: Langara College is a student-focused institution. This means that the instructor is the key to providing students with a high level of academic rigor. The LSM’s programs focus on experiential applied learning. Most classes are highly interactive and rely extensively on the instructor’s personal experience in industry to supplement the textbook, online and other instructor resources.

Course content and established learning outcomes are established for all courses referenced below. The instructor will be responsible for developing and delivering lectures, drafting, and marking assignments/quizzes/examinations, holding on campus office hours, and communicating with students through email regarding the course material.  In addition to the teaching responsibilities, the instructor will also be expected to be available to participate in departmental activities and meetings.

All courses are on-campus lectures and are not online sections.

The Langara School of Management (LSM) is seeking candidates who would like to be a part of our team as an instructor for business management and/or marketing courses for the summer semester.

The Business Management course roster is located here: and International Management courses here:

The Marketing Management course roster is located here:

Key courses the departments will be hiring for are the following: 

BUSM 1100, BUSM 1285, BUSM 1500, BUSM 2450, BUSM 4100, BUSM 4810, BUSM 4820, BUSM 4830, BUSM 4840, BUSM 4850, BUSM 4855, INTB 4810, MARK 1115, MARK 1200, MARK 2000, MARK 2100, MARK 2400, MARK 2430, MARK 2500, MARK 3100, MARK 3150, MARK 3200, MARK 3210, MARK 3250, MARK 3400, MARK 4100, MARK 4195, MARK 4220, MARK 4250, MARK 4800, MARK 4810, MARK 4820, MARK 4830, MARK 4840.

Teaching opportunities may be available on temporary part-time basis and may include daytime and/or evening sections. There are a number of instructional resources and supports available to new faculty.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Be responsible for the preparation and delivery of lecture material; the design, set-up, and delivery of group and individual activities; and the preparation, delivery, and grading of assignments and exams
  • Maintain currency and strive for excellence in instructional practices and approaches
  • Maintain currency in relevant subject areas, including global and/or local trends, issues, and opportunities
  • Ensure effective use of available class and lab time, and maintain appropriate office hours to ensure availability for student consultation
  • Maintain collegial working relationships
  • As appropriate, actively seek opportunities to integrate students and learning into organizations and/or the community
  • On an as needed basis, participate actively in program design and review
  • Be a positive and active contributor to the Langara School of Management, the Faculty of Social Sciences & Management, and the College

Required Qualifications:

  • A minimum of a Masters Degree in a related field
  • Both an undergraduate degree and graduate degree, one at least in business or commerce 
  • 5 years of professional experience directly related to the relevant course(s)
  • Experience should include middle or senior managerial positions or extensive consulting work at a senior level
  • Post-secondary teaching experience is preferred, ideally in any or all of the subject areas of BUSM, INTB, and MARK

Length of appointment: Summer Term - May 1 to August 31, 2018
Start Date: May 1, 2018

Salary Range: Salary placement is on Langara instructors’ salary scale in accordance with qualifications and experience.

Employee Group: LFA

Application Information: Please forward your resume and cover letter, no later than 4:30pm of the closing date to “Apply Here”. All candidates are requested to review the BUSM, INTB & MARK courses:

Please determine which course(s) you feel best suited to teach and include this information in your cover letter.

Competition No.: F001-18

Deadline: February 2, 2018

We thank you for your interest and advise that only those shortlisted will be contacted. Langara is committed to enhancing our diverse workforce.

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