Three Artistic Projects

Catherine Lee, Department of Theatre Arts

Refining movement/vocal scores for Upaya - decoding two choreographies for Ladies' Aires and Dances - building costumes for The Compleat Courtier

Urban Sustainability in a Frontier Country (2013)

Katrina Erdos, Department Geography & Environmental Studies Program

I would like to thank the Langara Research Committee for their support of my research ... MORE

Animal Models in Oncology Research: The Influence of Inoculation Site on Proliferation, Inflammation, Necrosis, Vascularity, and Molecule Delivery

Jessica Kalra, Department of Biology

This project was undertaken to compare tumours growing in different areas of a body ... MORE

In Progress- Abstract: Minority-Majority Relations – Bridging gaps in perception and media discourses

Indira Prahst, Department of Sociology

This research is part of a self directed publication ... MORE

In Progress - Abstract: Middendorf Breath Work

Brad Gibson and Dale Genge, Department of Theatre Arts

Breathexperience is an artistic form of somatic education ... MORE

"Unearthing" History: Museum Costumes as Research Tools

Mara Gottler, Department of Theatre Arts

Research into costume design for Elizabeth Rex ... MORE

Report - Sketch Elizabeth Rex - Elizabeth Rex -  Dye Samples - Dye Sample 2 - Stamp-and-Dye Samples - Hero Sketch - Hero - Lord Cecil Sketch - Lord Cecil

Minority-Majority Relations: Bridging Gaps in Perception (2012-2013)

Indira Prahst, Department of Sociology

How do media representations influence identity formation and how are media portrayals of the South Asian Diaspora both deconstructed and resisted? MORE

The Endangered Species Road Trip

Cam MacDonald, Department of Biology

The main goal of my research project was to research and write a general interest book about conservation biology ... MORE

Images of Adults and Children on Attic Red-Figure Pottery

Gwyneth Lewis, Departments of History/Latin/Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

May, 2011 in Greece:  in the planning stages, it seemed like a wonderful idea ... MORE

Origins: A Family Memoir

Rachel Mines, Department of English

A two-part family memoir project to research and write a scholarly biography ... MORE

Finalizing the Compilation of Physical Theatre Notes

Wendy Gorling, Department of Theatre Arts

Traditionally, learning in this field has been passed on from master to student through oral teachings and by "doing" the work ... MORE

Searching for 'Japaneseness' in Contemporary Japan

Nariko Takayanagi-Heine, Department of Asian Studies

This proposed research is a full study to investigate transforming Japan in the context of globalization and post-Fukushima Japan ... MORE 

Sustainable Living in Germany

Katrina Erdos, Departments of Geography and Environmental Studies

The goal of my research was to utilize a case study approach to research three aspects of sustainable development, as they were manifested in specific situations in Germany ... MORE

Costume Design for Bard

Mara Gottler, Department of Theatre Arts

Langara Research Committee funding supported research into costume design for two Bard on the Beach productions ... MORE

Breast Cancer Research

Jessica Kalra, Department of Biology

I received LRC funding for an application submitted in May of 2011 entitled “Optimizing digital quantification of tissue microarrays in order to evaluate early signaling consequences of ILK inhibition in an in vivo model of breast cancer"... MORE

Secret Agent

Aaron Bushkowsky and David Hudgins, Department of Theatre Arts

The Secret Agent Story workshop ... MORE

The Wii-Wand Project

Colin Mills, Department of Geography

The Wii-wand is a custom built pointer that works as a computer mouse. It lets users control ... MORE

The Biochar Project

Kelly Sveinson, Department of Chemistry

I would like to acknowledge and thank the Langara Research Committee for funding my project. I used the funds to finance the building of a reactor for thermal transformations of biomass ... MORE

Hanging from the Arbor vitae: Understanding the Gibbon Brain

Carol MacLeod, Department of Anthropology

I received funding to help with costs associated with my Educational Leave, including studying the macaques of Koshima Island, visting the Primate Research Centres in Japan, and writing a chapter for the book Progress in Brain Research, Volume 195, published by Elsevier. (Note from the Committee - Carol MacLeod received a prestigious Leakey Foundation Award for her research in 1998.)

St Lawrence River Project: Montreal

Ingrid Koivukangas, Art History

I was invited to Montreal to create a new work for the UNESCO/City of Montreal exhibition: Eaux Vive - :'eau en danger - Living Waters In Danger in June 2004. The St Lawrence River Project: Montreal was created over a ten-day residency and was exhibited at Mainson de la Culture Frontenac for six weeks ... MORE