Over 50 Applied Research Centre (ARC) Fund grants of $3000 each have been awarded to Langara faculty since 2016. Langara faculty have been awarded over $5 million in research grants in the past five years. Course release is also available for those wanting to conduct research. Faculty can receive funding to hire students for research. Contact Nathan Jones or Kelly Sveinson for more information.



We're also pleased to announce our ARC Fund recipients for summer 2023:

  • David Bloom (Theatre Arts at Studio 58) will lay foundation for the creation of two linked, site-specific plays about humanity surviving the climate crisis: one live-online and multimedia, and the other outdoors, low-tech, and in a tent. There are two areas of research: COVID-friendly, interactive performance, and the contrast of possible future societies based on human/mycological symbiosis with a society of tech-billionaires who have fled to underground disaster bunkers.
  • Hélène Lestage (Psychology) will aim to exhibit the importance of recognizing the differences in sleep patterns, concerning sleeping with and without caffeine in the body, to better facilitate people with ADHD, especially young adults, and to allow the scientific community to better understand this neurodevelopmental disorder.
  • Gagun Chinna (Sociology) will co-author a book with Dr. Tej Purewal on Indian international students based on Chinna's previous field research from October 2022 to February 2023. Chinna conducted a four-month ethnographic study in India's Punjab state and examined the experiential accounts of Indian students who have applied to attend post-secondary institutions in Canada, and specifically to Langara College.

Langara students will be employed to work with these innovative instructors, gaining valuable research skills and experiences.

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Faculty & Instructor Research Inventory Report 

In early 2021, ARC conducted an inventory of researchers and research needs at Langara. See the report to learn more and to find out how ARC will support research into the future.