Study Abroad Field Schools: Call for Proposals 2020-2021

Langara College encourages and supports study abroad field schools as rich, educational opportunities for our students and our faculty. For the upcoming year (2020-2021), there are eight sections available for allocation to study abroad field schools.

Submit a proposal 

Do you have an idea for an extraordinary learning experience? Once a year, study abroad field school proposals will be evaluated by a committee made up of members from academic leadership, finance, risk management, and subject experts. The committee will recommend which proposals should be developed.

Steps to submit a study abroad proposal:

  1. Read the Procedures & FAQ's
  2. Review the Roles & Responsibilities
  3. Fill out the Proposal Template
  4. Send your proposal to Jane Li at in the Office of the Academic Deans

Deadline: Proposals for field schools running between May, 2020 and April 30, 2021 must be submitted by Monday, June 3, 2019 at 5:00pm.

Support and information for faculty proposing field schools can be found in various areas within the College. We look forward to reviewing exciting new academic initiatives that will contribute to Langara’s vision of becoming the best college in Canada!


Criteria for Evaluating Study-Abroad Field Schools

There are three categories of criteria for study-abroad field schools: academic value, risk management, and financial sustainability.

Academic Value

  • Clear learning outcomes that can be met in the time frame and place suggested
  • Faculty member is qualified to conduct the field schools
  • Proposed field school fits with the academic priorities of the institution
  • Assessment is appropriate for the discipline and level of the course
  • Supplemental material is appropriate for the discipline and level of the course
  • Department support
  • Division support
  • Impact on other academic offerings

Risk Management

  • Travel to this country is not restricted or discouraged by the Canadian government
  • Proposal demonstrates risk-management assessment

Financial Sustainability

  • Marketing strategy
  • Clear demand/interest for this field school
  • Cost is reasonable for students
  • Proposal demonstrates fiscal responsibility